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When you run a fitness center, your patrons rely on you to help them stay healthy. But with hotspots for germs and bacteria throughout your facility, guaranteeing the health of your members demands the best fitness center cleaning and disinfection service. With JAN-PRO of Tampa, your fitness center’s cleaning and sanitation services are never a concern.

We Know Fitness Centers

At JAN-PRO of Tampa, our years of training and experience in fitness center cleaning services means we know the challenges faced by fitness facilities. From lockers rooms to bathrooms to exercise equipment, we know how easily bacteria can breed in your gym and what needs to be done to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Before starting fitness center cleaning services, we’ll work with you to develop your fitness center’s cleaning service plan. Our plans are industry and space-specific. That means we never try to force you into a “standard” set of services that doesn’t fit your facility’s needs. Instead, we ensure your gym’s cleaning plan is matched exactly with your cleaning needs.

Partnering with JAN-PRO of Tampa doesn’t just mean better cleaning and disinfection. It also means superior customer care. The JAN-PRO brand has developed a reputation for excellence in customer service, with an astounding 99% customer retention rate. We do it by measuring our cleanings with our patented JAN-PRO Tracker® system and by backing up our services with a guarantee unique in our industry

What Our Clients Have to Say

EnviroShield® Disinfection

EnviroShield® is the system you need to deliver a knockout punch to germs, bacteria, and viral contagions. We are the only cleaning company in Tampa with this state of the art system, which uses patented spray-release technology to treat a wider range of surfaces than other comparable systems.

Smarter, Targeted Cleaning Strategies

Your fitness center’s cleaning services plan will identify the areas where your facility is most at risk for bacterial growth and transfer. We target these areas with EnviroShield®, which has a 99% germ-and-bacteria elimination rate.

Greener, Healthier Cleaning

EnviroShield® has been awarded the EPA’s best score possible for non-toxicity, making it perfectly safe for people and the planet. This is part of our commitment to greener cleaning methods, which include high-coverage cleaning systems that allow us to cut back on harsh chemical use.

OSHA Expertise

With JAN-PRO of Tampa, fitness center cleaning services are designed to keep your facility 100% OSHA compliant.

Better Air Quality

In addition to using fewer harsh chemicals, JAN-PRO of Tampa ensures air quality by using HEPA-quality, quiet-cleaning vacuums.

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