JAN-PRO of Richmond - Your Commercial Cleaning Experts

As someone who runs a business, you know first hand just how much energy and commitment it takes to keep a company going. With so many different responsibilities, business owners don’t always have the time to ensure their facilities are spotless and germ free. That’s why so many business owners throughout central Virginia rely on the commercial cleaning services we offer at JAN-PRO® of Richmond.

What sets us apart from other cleaners in the Richmond, VA area is our industry-specific approach to commercial cleaning. From industrial-strength solutions for manufacturing plants to kid-friendly disinfection for day care centers, we understand that different types of facilities have different cleaning needs. Our owner/operators have been trained in specific cleaning methods of each industry we clean for, ensuring we have the expertise to take on any cleaning challenge.

We don’t just stop at industry-specific cleaning methods. We also create a custom cleaning plan for each facility we clean. These detailed plans encompass high-touch and high-traffic areas, as well as areas that may be easily overlooked. Our custom cleaning plans allow us to take a methodical approach to cleaning, ensuring each facility receives the highest-quality results every cleaning.

Advanced Commercial Cleaning in Richmond

When you rely on the commercial cleaning services at JAN-PRO of Richmond for your business in Hopewell, Petersburg, Richmond, Colonial Heights, or the surrounding areas, we’ll clean your facility using a series of industry-leading cleaning systems and supplies. Just some of these systems include: 

  • Color-Coded Cleaning. We color code our microfiber cloths and flat mops to reduce the risk of cross contamination within your facility.
  • EnviroShield®. Our EnviroShield® disinfection system uses patented spray-release technology and a non-toxic disinfectant to remove 99.9999% of all contagions from even the most difficult-to-clean surfaces.
  • HEPA-Filter Vacuums. Our vacuums use advanced HEPA filters to trap airborne pollutants in your workplace while leaving your floors spotless.

Commercial Cleaning You Can Count On

At JAN-PRO of Richmond, our commercial cleaning services don’t end when your facility is cleaned. Instead, we use our JAN-PRO Tracker® system to periodically measure the cleaning results we provide. This way, we can ensure we always deliver the highest-quality cleaning services possible. In fact, if you’re ever less than 100% satisfied with our services, simply let us know, and we’ll make it right within 24 hours.

Call JAN-PRO of Richmond today at (804) 377-2207 to learn more about our specific commercial cleaning services designed for your industry.