Medical Cleaning Services for St. Petersburg

Posted on August 9, 2017

Getting healthcare facilities up to medical industry standards of cleanliness and hygiene is no easy feat. It requires in-depth knowledge of the existing codes and standards and a thorough, detail-oriented approach that leaves no area unchecked. At JAN-PRO® of Tampa Bay, we strive to provide medical cleaning services in St. Petersburg that are all that and more. With professional grade products and strategies designed especially for the medical service industry, our MedMetrix® program is a guaranteed-effective way to get your St. Petersburg facility safer and more hygienic than ever. 

Our Approach to Medical Cleaning Services in St. Petersburg 

At JAN-PRO of Tampa Bay, we ensure consistently superlative results from our medical cleaning services by putting our best products and methods in the very capable hands of our highly trained cleaning crews. Our owner-operators in St. Petersburg are graduates of our 5-week training program which teaches them the ins-and-outs of important medical codes like CDC and OSHA and how to use the JAN-PRO Technics® suite of systems to meet them.

To get your St. Petersburg facility truly, deep-down clean, you need a comprehensive disinfection system suitable for all of the areas most prone to bacterial build-up. Our EnviroShield® disinfection system is one of a kind and perfect for disinfecting some of the most frequently touched surfaces in your facility, like keyboards, medical equipment, handles and switches. EnviroShield® is tough on bacteria but gentle enough to be used around your most sensitive patients. It boasts both unrivaled power when it comes to eliminating germs and the ability to prevent germ build-up in the future. 

At JAN-PRO of Tampa Bay, our medical cleaning services start with disinfection and they aren’t finished until we’re sure that you are completely satisfied. 

St. Petersburg’s Trusted Medical Cleaning Service Professionals

Our top quality medical cleaning services come with a top quality guarantee. We promise that any problems with your services will be resolved within 24 hours, or your next cleaning is on the house. JAN-PRO of Tampa Bay is proud to serve medical professionals across the St. Petersburg community and the neighboring communities of Clearwater, Lakeland and Brooksville, too. 

To get started with top-of-the-line medical cleaning services for your medical center, call JAN-PRO of Tampa Bay today at (813)864-1940 and ask about our free consultations in St. Petersburg.