The Best Cleaning Service in Tampa, FL: How to Choose It?

Posted on April 22, 2024

Do you want all the benefits that come from keeping a pristine working environment? You’d benefit from finding the best cleaning services company, so keep reading to discover nine tips for picking the best option.

At JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting in Tampa Bay, we’re confident one of our qualified independent contractors can provide the high level of service you need to keep your business running efficiently.

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9 Tips for Choosing the Best Cleaning Service Company

From confirming the company’s cleaning plans to a detailed analysis of its reputation, use the following nine tips to ensure you work with the top cleaning company in Tampa.

1. Compare Experience and Service Quality

The first step in choosing the right company is examining its cleaning processes and confirming they can provide the level of quality you need. In general, the more experience a cleaning company has, the more consistent and high-quality service they can provide. At JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting in Tampa Bay, we have over 30 years of experience in finding, training, and supporting the best cleaning franchisees.

Our level of quality is incomparable. We deliver better results than you could hope for from any in-house janitorial staff and use premium products and equipment. We tailor our cleaning approach to your needs, so you never have to settle for cookie-cutter solutions.

2. Inquire About Training

While everyone can clean, not everyone can clean to a high standard. However, the right employees can learn how to clean at an exceptional level. Once you narrow down your choices of cleaning services to a few options, ask each company how it trains its employees and maintains standards.

While everyone can clean, not everyone can clean to a high standard. However, the right employees can learn how to clean at an exceptional level. Once you narrow down your choices of cleaning services to a few options, ask each company how it trains its employees and maintains standards.

Our certified franchise owners must adhere to corporate’s strict standards. JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting in Tampa Bay empowers each contractor to train their employees to the highest possible standards.

3. Examine Reviews and Reputation

One of the most effective ways of choosing the right cleaning company is closely examining its reviews and reputation. Many people don’t trust reviews because they often show bias and a single review isn’t trustworthy. However, if you read reviews across multiple sites and look for positive and negative trends, you can get an accurate idea of how the company performs.

You can also ask for references from each company and speak with past customers in person to gain a more accurate perception of the quality of the company. However, the company won’t give you references they know will give them a poor review.

Finally, consider asking your network of business owners who they use. If you respect how they run their business, you know they won’t work with an inadequate cleaner. If they give a positive reference to a commercial cleaner, you can feel confident choosing the same one.

4. Peruse Service Options

The top cleaning provider can provide the types of service options you need. Whether you just need daily cleaning and restocking of your bathroom or require more in-depth disinfecting or floor cleaning, why would you hire a company that only provides a portion of what you ask for?

To help narrow down your choices, first, take time to develop a list of things you need and want from your cleaning company. Then, spend some time on each company’s website and confirm they can provide everything you need and most of what you want. With so many options, you won’t have to settle, so keep looking until you find the right fit.

5. Request Flexibility

Once you determine that the company provides the cleaning solutions you need, confirm that they can provide you with the right amount of flexibility and personalization. First, ensure the contractor provides customized options based on your needs. You shouldn’t have to pay for services you don’t need or want.

Next, confirm the cleaners can work on the schedule you need. Some commercial cleaning providers only clean during standard business hours, which can create distractions for both guests and employees. If the company can’t clean on your schedule, find one that can.

6. Confirm Facility Specialization

Every type of work environment has a different set of challenges that come with keeping the facilities clean. How the experts clean an office building differs slightly from how they clean a grocery store, factory, or school. Even if you like all the services a cleaning company provides, ask whether it limits you to certain cleaning hours. While cleaning at an undesirable time might not feel like a deal breaker for you, you shouldn’t settle when you can find a better option.

7. Evaluate Communication

You’ll likely communicate with your cleaning provider of choice at least weekly, if not every day. You need a contact person who can provide clear and honest answers to your questions and concerns. They should also provide a high level of customer service and return your calls quickly.

When you’re deciding which company you should work with, spend some time asking a representative some tough questions. Pay attention to the following:

  • How easily do they help you understand a complicated answer?
  • Does it sound like they’re lying or hiding something?
  • Do they seem rushed or like they don’t want to spend time talking to you?
  • Do they make promises they likely can’t deliver on?
  • Are they willing to admit their shortcomings as a business?

8. Verify Supplies and Equipment

The right company chooses cleaning products that are right for the job rather than just relying on the same ones for every client. Ask the company what supplies, products, methods, and equipment they use. Confirm all products offer an industrial-strength solution while remaining safe for people, pets, and the environment.

9. Confirm Qualifications

You deserve a certified, licensed, bonded cleaning company that provides guaranteed satisfaction. Franchisees with JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting in Tampa Bay maintain all these criteria.

How do you know our independent contractors are the best? They have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, and in 2023, we received a number-one rating for Franchise 500!

Benefits of Hiring the Best Tampa, FL Cleaning Company

What happens when you hire the best sanitizing company in Tampa? You’ll experience a host of benefits for your business, such as the following:

Increased Productivity

A clean work environment increases employee productivity in several ways. First, a cluttered and dirty workspace can easily distract your workers. Whether they’re stopping to clean up messes on their way to a different task or they just have trouble focusing amid disorganization, you’ll notice they work more efficiently when you clean the area around them.

Secondly, with dirty floors and crowded hallways, your employees have to watch where they walk and can’t move as quickly. Finally, if dirty floors and surfaces affect their allergies, your workers may spend more time sneezing and washing their hands than doing productive tasks.

You’ll also know that the cleaning staff is more productive than any in-house staff. The cleaning company has multiple clients they must serve every day, which means they have to complete each job efficiently without their quality declining. While your own cleaning staff will spend time taking breaks or chatting like most employees, the deep cleaning team from an independent contractor will focus on the work at hand.

Fewer Sick Days

Along with reducing allergies, using the right cleaning supplies and techniques keeps your employees healthy. Whether you have carpet or hard flooring, the surfaces you walk on are prime breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. Without daily disinfecting, your bathroom and kitchen surfaces will spread various diseases or give your workers digestive issues that leave them unable to work.

Organizations that establish daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning routines have employees who take fewer sick days.

Less Administration

The bigger your staff, the more time you spend on management and administration. Consider all of the following time-consuming tasks that come with maintaining your own cleaning staff:

  • Payroll and benefits processing
  • Hiring, onboarding, and training staff
  • Employee evaluations and disciplinary actions

While you already do these things for your other employees, the bigger your team, the more time you spend managing them. Outsourcing your cleaning needs means you allow the contractor to handle their employees and you can focus your time where it matters most.

Cost Savings

Hiring a certified franchisee for your commercial cleaning needs almost always saves you money in the long term. You won’t deal with all the expenses of having your own employees. You also won’t spend money renting, buying, and storing all the materials and equipment you need for quality cleaning.

Finally, the increase in productivity from your workers should help you recover your investment more quickly.

Trust JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting in Tampa Bay to Clean Your Business

Now that you know how to choose the best cleaning company, we’re confident you’ll realize the value of choosing a certified franchisee from JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting in Tampa Bay. You won’t find an independent contractor that can better meet your standards and provide exceptional benefits to your business. You can start the process by contacting the local office today at (813) 864-1940!