Church & Religious Facility Cleaning Services by JAN-PRO® of St Louis and Central MO

Your place of worship is a sacred space. At JAN-PRO of St. Louis, we understand how important churches, synagogues, and other religious facilities are to a community. That’s why our religious facility and church cleaning services are designed to show respect to the spaces we work in.

We’re Religious Facility

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With JAN-PRO of St Louis and Central MO, your church or religious facility receives cleaning services from the world’s #1 rated commercial cleaner. With 35,000 clients worldwide and unparalleled customer retention, the JAN-PRO name stands for quality cleanings and quality service. We boast our industry’s most detailed and rigorous certification program, a five-week course that includes detailed testing in specialized cleaning services.

JAN-PRO of St Louis and Central MO’s church cleaning services include:

  • Better Cleaning Teams: JAN-PRO of St Louis and Central MO matches its cleaners with the assignments that best match their expertise, experience, and skills. We will match your church or religious facility with one of our cleaning service teams that is perfectly suited to your needs.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Whether you need us for weekly cleaning or occasional events, we’ll create a schedule of visits and set cleaning times that work best for your facility.
  • Cleaning for Specialty Flooring: Carpeting, hardwood, tile – even marble and concrete – are all expertly cleaned by the JAN-PRO of St Louis and Central MO team.
  • Superior Disinfecting: We have exclusive access to the JAN-PRO EnviroShield® disinfecting system, the most advanced system in our industry. EnviroShield® protects and disinfects with a patented spray action system that gets into hard-to-reach and hard-to-treat surfaces. Even with its superior cleaning and disinfecting power, it’s still eco- and people-friendly.
  • JAN-PRO Tracker®: Your church or religious facility receives in-depth, 50-point assessments at the start of cleaning, 30 days into our service, and then periodically for the lifetime of our contract. With JAN-PRO Tracker®, we make sure our cleanings are meeting or exceeding our Six Star service levels and Signature Clean® standards.

Religious facility and church cleaning services from JAN-PRO of St Louis and Central MO include a commitment to smarter cleaning. This includes a focus on secure cleaning services, with prominent ID tags and easy-to-spot uniforms. We also use color-coding strategies that fight cross-contamination, making sure materials used in high-germ areas (like restrooms) are never used elsewhere.

Our church cleanings include the use of HEPA-quality vacuums, which improve air quality, bacteria- and germ-targeted bathroom cleaning. We also include our service guarantee – the only guarantee of its kind from commercial cleaners in St. Louis.

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