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A clean medical office is very important for you and your clients. Stopping bacteria and viruses from spreading is a major part of keeping your facility healthy. JAN-PRO® of South Jersey has a certified medical offices cleaning services team that is armed with the training and skills to give your facility a clean bill of health each and every time.

We Know Medical Facilities

Advanced Tech for an Advanced Clean. JAN-PRO of South Jersey is 100% committed to giving your medical offices the best cleaning service we can. Our advanced cleaning technologies help us to deliver on that promise. Our EnviroShield® system uses a disinfectant like none other. It reaches out and wraps around every surface, effectively disinfecting all areas of your facility. We also use HEPA quality filters to remove the dirt from your air in an effective (and quiet) manner.

Fewer Germs for a Healthier Office. When it comes to maintaining the optimal health of your facility, a half-done job is as bad as job not completed at all. You can rest easy when the JAN-PRO of South Jersey cleaning services team is on the job in your medical offices. We make sure germs don’t spread and destroy any chance of cross-contamination by switching out our mop heads and color-coded microfiber cloths often. High-touch areas such as towel dispensers, handles, doors, and faucets receive special attention. We don’t overlook even the smallest details because your patient’s and staff’s health is essential.

More Green for Your Clean. Because EnviroShield is a powerful hospital-grade disinfectant, the medical offices cleaning service team at JAN-PRO of South Jersey can use fewer chemicals and still achieve a stellar clean. Our disinfectants are not harmful to you or the environment. By request, we even have a certified green clean program available to you.

Training for a Job Done Right. Through the MedMetrix® Program, the medical offices cleaning services team at JAN-PRO of South Jersey has been certified in advanced disinfecting procedures. MedMetrix meets the standards set forth by Joint Commission, AORN, OSHA and the CDC. This proprietary five-week intensive certification program is one of the best and most inclusive in the industry. It teaches the specialized techniques for dealing with all important parts of your medical facility as well as certification in advanced disinfection protocols.

Speaking Your Language for Your Benefit. The team from JAN-PRO of South Jersey is very well-versed in cleaning services, but we also want to be equally trained in the critical details of your medical offices. We make a point to be knowledgeable on exposure control plans and compliance requirements; drug testing methods; and chemical handling, hazardous communication, label compliance, and blood-borne pathogen standards. Knowing more about your world allows us to provide you with peace of mind when you place your facility in our well-educated hands.

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