Our Janitorial Services in New Haven

Posted on February 20, 2020

For businesses in New Haven and the surrounding area, having great janitorial services doesn’t just mean leaving sparkling floors and immaculate work surfaces behind. It also means disinfecting your workplace on a regular basis, addressing high-touch office features, reducing the transfer of germs and bacteria, and lowering the risk of cross-contamination throughout your facility. That’s what you get when you choose cleaning services from JAN-PRO® of Southern Connecticut.

We know that regular cleaning services from trusted experts can be a powerful defense against illness and absenteeism around the workplace. Getting consistent robust deep cleans are especially important for businesses that have health and safety risks, from hospitals to preschools, restaurants, gym facilities, and other places where germ transfer is a particular concern for employees as well as customers.

But we also make sure to leave your workplace with a spotless appearance, too. You’ll always get a higher caliber of clean with JAN-PRO of Southern Connecticut.

Choosing Comprehensive Janitorial Services in New Haven

When you choose JAN-PRO of Southern Connecticut, you’ll experience janitorial services that create new benchmarks for cleanliness in your facility. We’re able to deliver consistent and exceptional results thanks to our approach to cleaning business facilities in the New Haven area.

With input from you, we can devise a cleaning blueprint that’s specific to your workplace and can follow your industry’s protocols for cleanliness. We follow our brand standards closely on every clean, making sure that no nook or cranny of your workplace is ignored.

JAN-PRO of Southern Connecticut Uses A Trusted Approach To Business Cleaning

At JAN-PRO of Southern Connecticut, we’re proud to offer janitorial services in New Haven that you can always trust to work. We understand how important a clean workplace is when it comes to keeping your staff healthy, not to mention the great impression it can make on your customers.

That’s why we make it easier for businesses to get high-quality cleanings throughout the area:

  • New Haven
  • Fairfield
  • Norwalk
  • Bridgeport

If you think your facility would benefit from a higher level of cleaning and disinfection, ask us about setting up janitorial services in or around the New Haven area. Just call JAN-PRO of Southern Connecticut at (203) 299-0214 today.