School Cleaning Service in San Antonio: Achieve a Safer, Cleaner School

At JAN-PRO® of San Antonio, we’re ready to help you make good on your duty to provide your students and teachers with a safe, sanitary, and comfortable environment for learning. We go the extra mile to provide protection against the spread of germs and viruses while also ensuring your school looks freshly cleaned. Whether you operate a day care center, high school, university, or other type of educational facility, you can count on our cleaning crew to prioritize the well-being of your learners during the cleaning process.

We’re School Cleaning


To achieve a higher grade of clean for your school, you need a team that understands your school’s specific cleaning needs. When you choose JAN-PRO, your school cleaning services will be led by a JAN-PRO owner-operator who has been certified in today’s top school cleaning processes and strategies. Whether you run a grade school, high school, college, university, or trade school, JAN-PRO school cleaning services will keep your classrooms clean, your hallways hygienic, and your students protected.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Indoor Air Filtration

We filter out dust, dander, and other forms of air pollution using our HEPA filter vacuums to boost your school’s indoor air quality. Not only will your students and teachers appreciate how fresh and clean your school feels, but they’ll also encounter fewer incidents of distracting respiratory issues.

Green Cleaning

Our eco-friendly cleaning agents and professional techniques allow us to deliver a deep clean without the use of toxic chemicals or wasteful cleaning methods. Our cleaning team is proud to set a positive example for young learners through our green cleaning practices.

Expert Floor Cleaning

With our sophisticated tools and specialized formulas, we can clean flooring materials of all types. Whether you have carpet, tile, hardwood, or cement floors at your school, we’ll make them look their best.

Thorough Restroom Cleaning

We concentrate on high-touch areas where germs like to linger to keep your bathrooms as safe and sanitary as possible. In addition, our innovative microfiber cleaning materials and hospital-grade products deliver a noticeable shine.

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