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By keeping your workplace clean, you are telling your clients and staff that you care about your business. JAN-PRO of Cleveland Ohio provides best in class office cleaning services that create a professional image for your company while also improving the health and morale of those you employ.

We Know Offices

JAN-PRO of Cleveland Ohio knows the workplace can get extremely hectic, and keeping a clean office can be an important element of daily business that gets pushed to the side. A clean workplace that promotes a professional image is important, and office cleaning services from JAN-PRO of Cleveland Ohio can help you accomplish that.

Our specially designed office cleaning services meet the unique needs of your workplace and take that worry out of your hands. We offer our safe and extremely effective EnviroShield® cleaning process that disinfects every surface in your facility by wrapping around everything it comes into contact with. Even those tiny crevices on your keyboard can’t escape EnviroShield® and its ability to kill almost all germs and bacteria. With JAN-PRO of Cleveland Ohio on the job, you and your staff are protected from over 40 harmful contagions.

JAN-PRO of Cleveland Ohio offers environmentally healthy office cleaning services. Our EPA-tested, hospital-grade disinfectant is not only strong, but safe for the environment. This means our office cleaning services use fewer chemicals without sacrificing our high standards of clean. Our HEPA quality backpack vacuums will also quietly suck the dirt from your air, leaving it more breathable. We want to leave you, your office and Mother Nature happier than when we found them.

By really thinking hard about how we operate, JAN-PRO of Cleveland Ohio delivers a smarter cleaning service to your office. We stop cross-contamination and the spread of germs and bacteria by using color-coded cloths and flat mops that are swapped out regularly. High-touch areas of your office are given extra attention to detail. We are trained to treat all types of flooring to keep them clean, fresh and germ-free.

Behind our guaranteed great clean is an amazing team. At JAN-PRO of Cleveland Ohio, we train our staff to be the best in the business. All members of our Cleveland office cleaning services team undergo extensive background checks and are educated in JAN-PRO’s branded processes and technologies. Our five-week intensive training program is the most comprehensive in the industry and our technicians continue to receive ongoing education to make sure we comply and go beyond all OSHA cleaning standards.

For your safety and security, all JAN-PRO of Cleveland Ohio team members who set foot on your premises will be in uniform and with a visible ID badge on their person at all times.

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