Your Commercial Cleaning Experts in Memphis

When it comes to attracting potential clients and customers, your facility’s overall appearance is your first chance to give a great first impression. That’s why it’s so important you find a commercial cleaning service that has what it takes to leave your business in Memphis, TN spotless, germ-free, and shining after every cleaning.

When businesses in southwestern Tennessee need high-quality, efficient, and effective commercial cleaning services, they turn to JAN-PRO® Cleaning Systems of Memphis. We set ourselves apart from other commercial cleaning services in the Memphis area by using cleaning methods and techniques specifically developed for each industry we clean . Our owner/operators have gone through 5 weeks of intensive training, certifying them in these industry-specific cleaning methods. This way, we can make sure we always have the right products, equipment, and expertise to take on any cleaning challenge.

On top of the industry-specific approach to commercial cleaning at JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems of Memphis, we ensure our services meet the individual needs of each Memphis-area business we clean by creating a customized cleaning plan for each facility. These detailed plans allow us to take an area-by-area approach to our services, ensuring we clean efficiently, effectively, and consistently.

Advanced Commercial Cleaning in Memphis, TN

At JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems of Memphis, we ensure high-quality commercial cleaning results by using some of our industry’s most advanced cleaning systems and supplies. Just some of these state-of-the-art systems include:

  • EnviroShield®. We eliminate 99.9999% of all germs and viruses from hard-to-reach and difficult-to-clean surfaces using the spray-release technology contained in our EnviroShield® disinfection system.
  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning. By using non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning products, we contribute to a healthier workplace and a greener earth.
  • HEPA-Filter Vacuums. Our HEPA-filter vacuums trap harmful airborne pollutants while leaving your floors spotless.
  • Color-Coded Cleaning. We keep the supplies we use in your restrooms out of other areas of your facility by color coding our microfiber cloths and flat mops.

Commercial Cleaning You Can Count On

When you choose the commercial cleaning services from JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems of Memphis for your business, we’ll use our JAN-PRO Tracker® system to ensure you receive the highest quality services each and every cleaning. Our JAN-PRO Tracker® uses a periodic 50-point inspection of our services, allowing us to make on-the-spot changes to our cleaning methods and ensure consistently spotless cleaning results.

Call JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems of Memphis today at (901) 683-4900 to find out more about our industry-specific commercial cleaning services and to schedule a no-cost cleaning estimate.