Office Cleaning Services by JAN-PRO® of Louisville

A clean and tidy office keeps employees happy and productive, ensures health and safety inspectors stay satisfied, and makes a strong impression on visiting clients. At JAN-PRO of Louisville, our office cleaning program delivers consistent, first-rate sanitation to professional offices.

We Know Offices

Between lobbies, offices, conference rooms, breakrooms, restrooms, and everywhere else, we pay close attention to detail without disturbing your workplace. We also understand how costly employee absenteeism can be, so we disinfect all those tough-to-clean, hard-to-reach surfaces with a hospital-grade disinfectant so powerful we can safely and effectively use fewer chemicals for a healthier environment. At JAN-PRO, we’d like to think our customized cleaning work makes your business dreams work.

Office Cleaning Reputation from JAN-PRO

Our office cleaning services are custom-designed for every office we work with. As a Signature Clean® certified provider, we don’t just base our services on industry-specific training and experience. We also make sure our services are tailored to fit the challenges posed by your workplace. Our work starts with your custom cleaning action plan, which is developed by our experts in tandem with your management team and put in place before your first cleaning.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Getting Started With Office Cleaning Services in Louisville


Office cleaning services from JAN-PRO of Louisville are supported and reinforced by our JAN-PRO Technics® and JAN-PRO Tracker® systems. These exclusive JAN-PRO systems ensure maximized ROI by automating our systems and measuring the results produced by our teams. These systems are part of JAN-PRO’s collection of patented systems and technologies, a major reason why JAN-PRO was recently named the world’s #1 rated commercial cleaning organization by Entrepreneur magazine

Unmatched Disinfection

Nothing’s more damaging to worker productivity than an office-wide case of the flu. We use the most advanced disinfection system in our industry – the EnviroShield® system – for office disinfection. This safe, residue-free system delivers hospital-strength disinfection, and can even treat surfaces like keyboards and carpeting

Specialty Floor Care

Whatever types of flooring are in your office, we’ll have the technology and expertise to leave your floors looking their best

Spotless Bathroom Cleaning

We clean and disinfect bathrooms with best-in-the-business technology and systems. We use EnviroShield® to fight germs and bacteria in bathrooms, targeting contagions in high-touch areas like faucets and door handles

Quieter Vacuuming

Our vacuums use quiet cleaning technology and meet HEPA standards for improved air quality

Green Cleaning Methods

JAN-PRO of Louisville staff are trained in chemical coverage systems that reduce the use of harsh chemicals

Health & Safety Compliance

We’re experts in OSHA standards and ensure your workplace meets or exceeds all health and safety regulations

A Professional Appearance

Your team has its dress code – and so does ours. We work in full uniform, including JAN-PRO ID tags, to maintain the security and professional atmosphere of your office

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