Medical Cleaning Essentials: How To Choose the Right Service for Your Healthcare Facility, CO

Posted on March 20, 2024

a group of medical professionals wearing JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting branded scrubs and a man wearing a doctor wearing a white coatAll healthcare facilities must be sterile for the sake of patients and staff members alike. Anyone who works in a hospital, doctor’s office, or another clinical healthcare setting depends on a qualified cleaning service provider to disinfect the space.

How do you find a medical cleaning business that you can trust? Keeping your facility clean should be simple with experts like one of the certified service providers from JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting in Colorado.

This guide reviews some helpful tips for directing your search efforts for an independent cleaning contractor offering top-notch janitorial services.

Consider the Janitorial Services Your Facility Needs

When it comes to the healthcare industry, can a space ever be too clean? Of course not.

It’s always helpful to elevate your clinic’s cleanliness and overall safety by hiring a competent local cleaning service that knows what you need. The key to choosing the right service provider is to narrow down the exact services your space needs.

Here are a few ideas to ensure that the medical cleaning services local franchises provide are spot on for your facility, preferences, and budget:

Office Cleaning Services That Don’t Miss a Spot

Dental and medical offices benefit from having service providers come in to regularly disinfect the surfaces within the space, such as:

  • Door handles
  • Waiting rooms
  • Patient intake areas
  • Exam chairs and tables
  • Bathrooms

With the nature of the medical services you provide, it’s no wonder that contaminants can quickly take over. Don’t endanger the health of your patients and staff members—enlist a professional cleaning consultant for peace of mind.

Window Cleaning That’s Streak-free and Safe

Commercial window cleaning services might not seem as vital for your medical facility as disinfection options, but germs and bacteria on the interior windows are a reality.

If your patient touches them or releases airborne particles by sneezing or coughing, sickness can spread. It’s important to have a third-party service provider there to sanitize the windows and other surfaces regularly.

Interior and exterior window cleaning also indicates to current and prospective patients or stakeholders that your facility does not compromise on cleanliness. They might even be more likely to seek care from you or invest their time and money with sparkling clean surfaces around.

Floor Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning For Thoroughness

A major component of medical cleaning that easily slips your notice involves sanitizing the floors. Some flooring, such as in patient intake areas and waiting rooms, carries less risk of contamination than public bathrooms or busy operating rooms. Either way, any exposure to bodily fluids and more requires hospital-grade cleaners and disinfectants, preferably daily.

Do some parts of your facility have carpet flooring? In this case, it’s worth investing in carpet cleaning to remove dust particles and contaminants from the carpet fibers. This will also improve your facility’s indoor air quality.

Neglecting to clean carpets impacts the health and safety of your patients in various ways, especially in medical facilities offering pediatric healthcare. Do the infants and toddlers you care for crawl around your office’s waiting rooms before their appointments and stick their fingers in their mouths? You can safeguard them from exposure with competent cleaning service providers on hand to assist.

Consider Your Service Provider’s Experience and Qualifications

What’s the side benefit of outsourcing medical cleaning services? It saves you the hassle of staffing and training in-house!

Even so, how can you guarantee the certified unit franchisee you hire holds the proper qualifications? During your search, be on the lookout for the following:

Years of Experience

A critical part of the vetting process involves finding cleaning service contractors  with significant experience. Look for a certified franchisee who has been in the business for several years, with the backing of the appropriate licensing and insurance. These companies are serious about their services and take measures to protect clients.

Also, ensure they specialize in the type of cleaning services you need. A commercial cleaning service consultant  could have positive reviews and decades of experience but only sanitize retail spaces.

Thorough Cleaning Practices and Hospital-Grade Products

Those who have been in this industry for a long time understand that cleaning a hospital or another healthcare facility comes with unique challenges. Certain types of care expose floors, patient beds, and countless other surfaces to various pathogens and bodily fluids, and disinfecting these surfaces requires sufficient cleaning with powerful products. Does your preferred medical cleaning service provider have the proper knowledge of disinfecting these areas and use industry best practices?

The service you hire should come equipped with hospital-grade cleaning products rather than generic sprays from a store. The most common products that cleaners use in a healthcare setting include the following:

  • Hypochlorites: These chlorine-based cleaners destroy viruses, fungi, and bacteria. They are effective in food preparation zones and bathrooms in healthcare facilities.
  • Peracetic acid: Experienced independent contractors strike the perfect balance when cleaning with peracetic acid. It’s useful in killing harmful contaminants, but diluting it can affect its properties and corrode certain metals.
  • Quaternary ammonium compounds: This low-level disinfectant remains a standard in cleaning non-critical surfaces with minimal exposure, such as floors, walls, and tray tables.

Flexible Scheduling

Say you find a medical cleaning service provider with a good reputation and expertise in the field, but they only work during certain hours. For a hospital that operates on a 24-hour basis, it doesn’t make sense to hire cleaning service providers who are only available during a limited window each day.

Your ideal choice of a cleaning service provider will work on a schedule that accommodates your facility’s needs without disrupting your staff or patients. This might mean working outside of normal business hours, including:

  • Early mornings
  • Late nights
  • Weekends
  • Holidays

Don’t Forget Customer Support

Even the most qualified and professional medical cleaning service providers might excel in janitorial services but provide lackluster customer support. Don’t settle for a company that doesn’t prioritize your needs.

How can you ensure that you choose a service provider with exceptional communication? Ask the following questions before hiring anybody:

  • Are you available for 24-hour support?
  • How do you respond to various staff, or facility management issues?
  • What concerns do other clients bring to your attention?

Your goal should be finding a cleaning service provider with an unwavering dedication to customer support and your satisfaction. In the event that you’re not happy with their service or have an urgent concern, you want knowledgeable staff who are willing to tend to your needs right away.

Focus on the Big Picture

Creating a hygienic medical facility goes well beyond sanitizing common patient areas. Consider all of the areas of your practice or hospital that are bustling with staff members and guests daily. While disinfecting common surfaces like door handles and patient beds remains vital for preventing healthcare-associated infections, there are many other components that need the attention of a provider specialized in medical cleaning.

For example, most hospitals have cafeterias and break rooms for physicians and nurses. Neglecting to clean these areas doesn’t help keep the entire facility free of germs. If the majority of the building has tile floors except the waiting room, don’t assume that carpet cleaning for this small area isn’t beneficial for the overall cleanliness of the facility.

By focusing on the big picture and the distinct cleaning services your building needs, you can get the most out of hiring professional cleaning service providers. Narrow down the services your considered providers offer and inquire about how they tackle cleaning issues. Keeping the above tips in mind during your search should also give you a good chance of finding a commercial cleaning company that suits your needs.

Find a Qualified Independent Cleaning Contractor Via JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting in Colorado

Keeping a hospital, dental practice, or any other healthcare facility clean and disinfected can make a huge difference to the health and safety of its staff and patients. Hiring a certified unit franchise with proper medical cleaning qualifications and supplies brings instant peace of mind about the results you can expect. Why not search for a certified unit franchisee from JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting in Colorado who checks all the boxes?

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