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We Make Green Cleaning Easy

When cleaning, we use the minimum volume of disinfectant necessary to help create a healthier environment for your clients and employees, and to help protect the earth.

We Clean Thoroughly

Our hospital-grade disinfectants knock out a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses, leaving your dealership is completely germ-free.

We’re OSHA Experts

We know exposure control plan and compliance requirements, drug testing methods, and label compliance and chemical handling standards, as well as MSDS compliance, hazardous communication standards, and blood-borne pathogen standards.

We Work Securely

Our professional uniforms and prominent security badges make us easy to identify while on your dealership’s property.

We Use Smart Cleaning Methods

We’re proactive against the risk of cross-contamination by color-coding our cleaning supplies. This way, the supplies we use in your bathrooms are never brought into other areas of your dealership.

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