What to Expect in a Dental Office Cleaning Service

Posted on February 12, 2019


To operate a successful dental clinic, you need a great dental office cleaning service. On a business level, you’ll struggle to attract and retain patients if your facility is unclean and unsanitary. Even more important is the matter of health and safety. Without rigorous cleaning and disinfection, dental offices can harbor dangerous pathogens, threatening the well-being of staff and patients alike.

Sadly, finding qualified cleaners isn’t always easy for dental facilities. Dental office cleaning falls under the category of medical facility cleaning. That makes it a niche service within a niche service. You’re already limited to cleaning companies qualified to provide medical cleaning services. Within that niche, you need to find a cleaning service that understands the unique needs of dental facilities.

At JAN-PRO®, we know the importance of cleaning and disinfection in dental facilities. We also know how difficult it can be to find a great dental office cleaning service. To address this, we developed a specialized dental office cleaning program of our own, making it easier to find high-quality cleaning services for your facility.

Here’s a closer look at what you can expect from our dental office cleaning program, and what you should expect from any cleaning company that works in dental facilities.

Medical Cleaning & Disinfection Processes

Dental offices are governed by many of the same health and safety regulations as medical facilities. Thus, cleaning providers who specialize in dental facilities tend to have a strong existing track record of medical office cleaning services.

JAN-PRO offers a great example of why this is the case. Our cleaning services for dental offices use our MedMetrix® cleaning and disinfection process. This process includes rigorous cleaning and disinfection protocols, adhering to regulatory standards from the CDC, OSHA, AORN, and the Joint Commission.

What sets JAN-PRO apart is how we adapt MedMetrix® for dental offices. Rather than using a cookie-cutter system for all medical offices, we offer specialized cleaning for different types of healthcare facilities.

That leads us to the next major feature that you need from a dental facility cleaning provider…

Specialized Dental Office Cleaning Protocols

While medical office cleaning systems offer a strong foundation for dental facility cleaning, they’re insufficient on their own. Dental facilities have unique protocols, equipment, and patient areas, all of which require specialized cleaning methods.

What’s more, the infectious agents found in dental offices differ from those in other medical facilities. As such, the right disinfectant for a hospital waiting room may be inappropriate in a dental office lobby.

To receive MedMetrix® certification, JAN-PRO owner-operators are required to take a detailed education program that includes dental office cleaning and disinfection protocols. This way, you don’t need to worry about receiving one-size-fits-all medical office cleaning services. Instead, your cleaning plan will be carefully tailored to the unique needs of your facilities.

A Clean You Can Actually Feel

Most people don’t look forward to the dentist. But when your patients leave your office, they can actually feel how clean you’ve made their teeth. It’s what lets them know the trip was worthwhile.

In a similar manner, your cleaning service should leave your office feeling noticeably clean. That starts with medical-grade cleaning and disinfection of your facility, ensuring a sanitary feel and appearance. But if your cleaning provider uses certain types of cleaning products or disinfection agents, you could be swapping bacterial/viral agents for unpleasant chemical odors and toxic fumes.

The best dental office cleaning providers don’t just meet regulatory standards, they deliver a level of clean that you can actually feel. Surfaces are left sparkling and spotless thanks to microfiber cleaning materials. Restroom odors aren’t simply masked, but actively neutralized by eliminating the odor-causing bacteria. Cleaners will even clean the air in your office through the use of HEPA filtration vacuums. And by reducing the use of volatile and toxic cleaning agents, your cleaning provider will ensure a greener, fresher clean.

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