Medical Office Cleaning Service & Green Cleaning

Posted on January 15, 2019

In recent years, more and more industries are switching to green cleaning services. While more expensive than standard cleaning services, green cleaning delivers a positive return on investment by creating a healthier workspace, improving employee wellness and productivity.

However, there are a handful of sectors where green cleaning has been slow to take off. One of the best examples is the healthcare industry. Some facility managers worry that a green medical office cleaning service won’t be as effective, leaving staff and patients vulnerable to infection. Others are concerned about the costs of medical office cleaning services and the affordability of green cleaning initiatives.

Here at JAN-PRO®, we know how important it is to have an effective and affordable medical office cleaning service in place for your facility. At the same time, we know how valuable green cleaning can be in medical facilities.

Green Cleaning Challenges for Medical Office Facilities

There are two main obstacles to green cleaning in medical facilities: performance and cost. Before we dive deeper, let’s take a look at both of these two concerns.

We’ll start with performance. Germs in medical offices are more diverse, more concentrated, and more dangerous than those in a typical workplace. Patients often have weakened immune systems, making them vulnerable to infection. Many medical procedures also increase the risk of infection if they are performed in an unsanitary space or with unsanitary equipment.

Green cleaning products are known for being non-toxic and non-harmful for human beings. As a result, some people mistakenly assume that these products can’t handle the germs found in medical offices. In fact, there are a number of green disinfectants that are perfectly suited to medical facilities.

Next, we’ll examine cost. When you hire a medical office cleaning service, you need a company that:

  1. Conducts detailed instruction in medical cleaning practices and standards
  2. Equips cleaners with medical-grade cleaning products and technologies
  3. Cleans and disinfects your facilities on a frequent basis

All three of these factors lead to increased cleaning costs for medical facilities. Given the added expense of green cleaning, many facilities shy away from eco-friendly cleaning services.

What this overlooks is the hidden costs of non-green cleaning practices. Many of the cleaning products used by medical office cleaning services have been linked with poor employee performance in office settings. Workers are absent more often, make errors more frequently, and achieve lower levels of productivity. In medical facilities, where staff are exposed to these products more frequently, this can result in significant HR costs and productivity-loss.

Moreover, many of these same products have also been linked with poor health outcomes, both among the general public and among those with existing health conditions. By using these products instead of green alternatives, you could be undermining health outcomes at your facility, eroding patient trust, and damaging your bottom line.

Ways to Make Your Medical Office Cleaning Service Greener

While the benefits of a green medical office cleaning service are substantial, you might be uneasy about committing to 100% eco-friendly products and practices. Even so, you can take steps to create a greener and healthier space for staff and patients.

  • Instead of switching fully to eco-friendly cleaning products, consider implementing green products for the areas and jobs where they will be most cost-effective. Look for products that are certified by the EPA or by organizations like Green Seal™.
  • Find a medical office cleaning service that trains cleaners to maximize coverage while minimizing the volume of product used. This will reduce the amount of product used within your facility, curbing exposure levels for staff and patients.
  • Look for other ways to minimize the use of caustic, toxic, or otherwise volatile products in your facility. Microfiber cleaning materials are an ideal example. A dampened microfiber mop will remove 99% of bacteria from hard floors, reducing the need for chemical cleaning agents.

If you’re thinking of switching to a green medical office cleaning service, or if you’re looking for ways to make your cleaning services greener, we encourage you to contact your local JAN-PRO office.

Thanks to our MedMetrix® cleaning process, we’re the medical office cleaning service provider of choice for countless facilities across the country. Our standard services incorporate a range of green cleaning solutions, including EnviroShield®, an innovative and eco-friendly disinfection system that can be used to disinfect practically any surface. And if you’re looking for a 100% eco-friendly cleaning service, many of our locations offer a certified green cleaning program.

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