Our Commercial Cleaning Company in Naples: Expert Cleaning Across Industries

Posted on February 14, 2020

What does “clean” look like to you? The answer varies from person to person, business to business, and industry to industry. For businesses that are based in office settings, the level of rigorousness needed for daily cleaning is always going to be different from a hospital’s needs. With the right commercial cleaning company in Naples, you can get services that meet your industry’s standards.

That’s what we offer at JAN-PRO® Cleaning Systems of Southwest Florida. But we also consider the exact needs of your business, too. Our commercial cleaning company operates on a highly personalized approach per-business in Naples, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Estero, and throughout SW Florida.

3 Ways Our Commercial Cleaning Company in Naples Bring Personalized Cleaning

For every client we serve, our owner-operators at JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems of Southwest Florida will create cleaning services that are built around your industry as well as your business. You can always expect cleanings that put your company’s needs as a priority:

  • We provide owner-led cleanings. When you have a specific point person that you can always count on, it’s easier to get powerful impact from your commercial cleaning company. In Naples, one of our owner-operators works with you to develop your cleaning services, and to personally lead each and every cleaning.
  • We build a personalized plan. The owner-operator working with you will start by building out a personalized service plan. If your business has specific rooms that need higher levels of attention, or spaces that require specific cleaning instructions, we can take that into consideration.
  • We consider your industry’s needs. Each of our owner-operators is trained on OSHA regulations, as well as specific health and safety protocols for industries. For certain industries, such as the medical industry, we offer specialized cleaning programs like MedMetrix®, too.

A Commercial Cleaning Company in Naples That’s Always Accountable

Accountability is a cornerstone of our commercial cleaning company. We know what an immediate impact it can have, and we always provide measures to stay accountable:

  • We give you our guarantee. We can correct any cleaning problems in a business day, or we’ll provide you with a free standard cleaning.
  • We clean up to standard. In addition to your industry’s standards, we always adhere to the highly precise cleaning standards of our own company.
  • We grade our own work. We use 50-point inspections to examine, evaluate, and improve upon the cleanings we provide.