Commercial Cleaning Contracts in Fort Myers Can Mean BIG Business!

Posted on November 20, 2019

When you’re breaking into the commercial cleaning industry, the minimal overhead and the enormous opportunity for growth can be a big draw. But if you haven’t already considered franchising, this might be a good time to evaluate if it’s a good fit for you. With a company like JAN-PRO® Cleaning Systems of Southwest Florida, you can grow your new business in Fort Myers, earn cleaning contracts, and get started right away.

In many ways, our industry is a low-risk, high-reward one. But the trials and challenges of starting any new business can bring their own tough learning curve. For prospective business owners, franchising can be an ideal middle ground. You don’t have to start from scratch, but you still have complete freedom over your own business.

Let’s take a deeper look into commercial cleaning contracts in Estero, Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral, and SW Florida.

The Benefits of Franchising and Commercial Cleaning Contracts in Fort Myers

Did you know the vast majority of small businesses run aground in their first few years? It’s true that the early years can be a slog, but becoming a franchisee allows you to skip many of the early obstacles and pitfalls that first-time business owners run into.

Instead, you get a tried-and-tested formula for cleaning services with our company. You set the size and goals of your business in Fort Myers, while we equip you with cleaning contracts, training assistance, cleaning equipment to start off with, and plenty more.

How We Help You Grow With Commercial Cleaning Contracts in Fort Myers

  • The visibility of our local brand. When you’re forging out on your own, building up your own brand can be slow and difficult work. With our company, you’ll reap the benefits of an existing brand’s visibility. As a local leader in cleaning, we’re well-known for the quality of our work, and you will be, too.
  • A powerful process for cleaning. It takes some time for new businesses to create proper measures for quality control. But as a franchisee, you’ll have existing programs like our JAN-PRO Tracker® and JAN-PRO Signature Clean® to moderate and evaluate the services you deliver.
  • Existing business accounts. We’ll pass along existing commercial cleaning contracts in Fort Myers, so you won’t have to chase every new lead. Instead, you’ll have the time and bandwidth to support your existing clientele and make sure they’re getting the exceptional cleans they’ve signed up for.

Build a thriving business in Fort Myers with help from JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems of Southwest Florida. Get in touch and ask about the cleaning contracts we have available at (239) 482-8800.