Why You Need Office Cleaning Services in Southern CA

Posted on September 7, 2023

Why You Need Office Cleaning Services in Southern CA

More businesses and commercial property owners recognize the need for reliable commercial cleaning services in California. From setting a good first impression with potential customers to improving your team’s performance and productivity in the office, clean spaces can be incredibly beneficial.

Why is quality office cleaning in Southern CA a must-have for every establishment? Here are a few key reasons to hire a reliable janitorial service in Southern CA for your office.


1. Unclean Spaces Can Affect Employee Health

On top of being an eyesore, an unkept office can be a health hazard to your employees. The closed indoor spaces of an office and various high-touch areas can be a good breeding ground for pathogens like bacteria and viruses, which can survive on surfaces for hours. Vents and air-conditioning equipment can also collect dust and trigger allergies. 

When left unchecked, these issues can become a primary reason your employees might be calling in sick more than usual. A German research organization found that cleaner offices saw a 12.5% decrease in employee sick days. Another study found that open-plan offices have 62% more sick absences, with more employees more vulnerable to shared surfaces. Reliable office cleaning in Southern CA can go a long way in having employees taking less time off to recover from illnesses.

2. Cleaner Spaces Improve Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

Employees spend the better part of the day in offices, so the kind of environment the office has can affect their overall mood. One study found a correlation between cleanliness and employee satisfaction, showing that employees had a positive outlook on their job. 

Boosting happiness in employees can also improve their productivity. If you can have employees that are excited about coming to the office, they’re more likely to perform their tasks better. Cluttered offices are also filled with distractions that can hinder them from completing their tasks. Knowing this, having a regular service provider for janitorial service in Southern CA can significantly improve your team’s performance.

3. The Cleanliness Of Your Business Impacts Your Customers’ First Impressions

A well-kept and clean environment in your office can sway clients who visit your office. The moment they step into your office, your clients create a first impression that can make or break your deal.

Clean spaces show that you care about your office’s appearance. On the other hand, dirty and untidy offices can leave a bad impression because they may give the wrong impression of the company’s effort to look its best. If your customers can’t trust your business to enlist basic office cleaning, their trust and confidence in your services may diminish.

Get Started with JAN-PRO Commercial Cleaning of Southern California

Services like office cleaning in Southern CA are necessary for workplaces that want the best for their employees and clients. However, not all commercial cleaning services in California offer the same level of quality to achieve clean and safe spaces.

Finding property management cleaning services and other trusted commercial cleaning services in California is a crucial task, and JAN-PRO Commercial Cleaning is here to help. Get in touch with JAN-PRO Commercial Cleaning to learn more about a reliable janitorial service in Southern CA.