How to Clean a Daycare Center

Posted on September 7, 2023

How to Clean a Daycare Center

Daycare cleaning is vital to the success of a daycare center. Apart from wanting to leave their children in the care of experienced and trained professionals, parents also want to ensure their kids are safe and comfortable at their daycare. 

Messy surroundings promote the spread of germs and bacteria. Given children’s habit of touching everything they see, the places where they play, eat, and nap must always be cleaned. Children might develop a cough, cold, or rash or contract a viral disease otherwise. 

How do you clean a daycare center? Here are some tips from our expert daycare cleaners in Southern CA.

1. Create a Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Daycare Cleaning Checklist

Once the children arrive, daycare employees will have their hands full. Everything else will be secondary to the staff directly interacting with the children. Therefore, creating a checklist to remind everyone of their cleaning tasks will be very helpful.

Here’s a sample checklist that’s similar to daycare cleaning services:




  • Organize all arts and crafts supplies.
  • Wipe and clean all tables, chairs, rubber mats, and toys.
  • Wash all used towels and sleeping linens.
  • Sweep and mop the floor.
  • Vacuum the carpets and rugs.
  • Wipe the kids’ lockers or shelves
  • Clean doorknobs, light switches, and other surfaces in the reception area.
  • Clean the bathroom sinks and floors, and scrub the toilets with cleaning solutions.
  • Wash all costumes, plushies, and other soft toys.
  • Wipe the books and bookshelves.
  • Thoroughly wipe sleeping mats, cribs, and changing tables.
  • Mop the floor under the rubber mats with bleach.
  • Sort crayons and art supplies, throw out what needs to be disposed of, and wash the paint brushes.
  • Deep-clean the main activity room and the eating and sleeping areas.
  • Inspect the bathrooms, kitchen sink, and exposed pipes for leaks and mold.
  • Deep-clean the kitchen.
  • Deep-clean all cooking appliances, pots, pans, plates, and cutlery.
  • If you have a van for daily or weekly carpools, vacuum and deep-clean the interior. Wash the upholstery and clean the handles and dash.
  • Vacuum the window curtains and clean the blinds.
  • Clean the floor and spaces behind heavy furniture. 
  • Vacuum and wipe baseboards, window sills, vents, and other accessible spots that easily collect dust.

2. Hire Professional Daycare Cleaners in Southern CA

The daycare cleaning checklist above is a basic example of cleaning routines that should be done in daycare centers. However, if you don’t have a janitor and your employees don’t have time to finish all cleaning tasks, consider commercial cleaning in Anaheim instead. 

Hiring reputable daycare cleaners in Southern CA will take a load off your staff’s shoulders. More importantly, they can do a better and more efficient job cleaning the entire premises. For instance, our cleaning franchises at Jan-Pro use our proprietary EnviroShield cleaning system that kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. We also use EPA-approved cleaning solutions that don’t trigger oral, eye, or skin irritation.

3. Know the Health Standards for Cleaning in Your State

One way to assess your staff or daycare cleaning company is to verify if they can comply with your city or state’s health standards for daycare cleaning.

In California, the DCPH (California Department of Public Health) provides guidelines on protecting the public’s health, safety, and welfare through infection control practices and disease mitigation. They also released guidelines specifically for childcare providers. As an established daycare cleaning company, JAN-PRO Commercial Cleaning follows these guidelines for every parent’s peace of mind. 

Trust Professionals Who Excel at Commercial Cleaning in Anaheim

Whether you invest in weekly daycare cleaning services or specialized, one-time cleaning services, don’t settle for inexperienced crews when you can have highly-trained professionals cleaning your daycare. 

Contact JAN-PRO Commercial Cleaning, and inquire about our services that will benefit your daycare center. We are a national franchise with a reputation for thoroughness and efficiency and for helping businesses make a good impression on their customers. Call us anytime you need professional commercial cleaning in Anaheim.