Our Janitorial Services in Scottsdale

Posted on March 3, 2020

When you choose JAN-PRO® of Phoenix, you get janitorial services in Scottsdale that disinfect your work surfaces, rigorously scrub down any bathrooms and break rooms, and wipe down every single nook and cranny in your workplace. We reduce cross-contamination, germ transfer, viruses, bacteria, dust, and other contaminants in any work space, while leaving your space looking and feeling cleaner.

Our commercial cleaning services set a standard for deep cleaning throughout Maricopa County. We service hospitals, day cares, offices, industrial buildings, and many other business spaces. While our cleaning plan for each business is always different, what never changes is our high standards for cleanliness, our comprehensive accountability protocols, and our powerful guarantee. You can always expect excellence with JAN-PRO of Phoenix.

We Are Your Experts in Deep Cleaning With Janitorial Services in Scottsdale

With expertise in deep cleaning for commercial, industrial, medical, and corporate spaces, JAN-PRO of Phoenix always shapes our cleaning approach to your business. One of our owner-operators will evaluate your space, working with you to build a regular schedule of services and a detailed cleaning plan that you’re completely satisfied with.

Owner-operators are well-versed in OSHA protocols as well as industry-specific standards, so your janitorial services can always offer the high level of cleanliness that’s needed. An owner-operator is always present during any services administered throughout Scottsdale and the surrounding areas, which helps to ensure consistently spotless results.

On top of our high standards for cleaning, businesses are always protected by the full impact of our cleaning guarantee. It means that if you spot an issue with any services, we’ll be back to resolve the issue in just 24 hours. And if that doesn’t occur, for whatever reason, your next standard service will be covered by us. We’re always committed to our clients, and to providing deep cleaning services that you can always trust in.

Guaranteed Janitorial Services in Scottsdale and Phoenix

With JAN-PRO of Phoenix, you can always set up janitorial services throughout Maricopa County. That includes:

We always make sure that your services are seamless and thorough, with cleanings scheduled at your convenience. Each of our cleaners is thoroughly vetted for complete reliability, and we wear distinctive uniforms and tags so you can always spot our team. We employ additional measures, like regular spot inspections, for cleanings that always meet our own high standards as well as yours.

Learn more about how JAN-PRO of Phoenix sets ourselves apart with high-quality janitorial services. To speak to one of our owner-operators based in Scottsdale, contact (602) 438-1000 today.