Our Business Cleaning in Scottsdale

Posted on February 26, 2020

At JAN-PRO® of Phoenix, we offer rigorous and powerful business cleaning services for companies throughout Scottsdale. We know that a high attention to detail and a personalized approach can make a tremendous difference in the consistency and quality of your cleanings. You’ll always get that level of attention from our owner-operators.

We’re able to deliver superior cleanings because we’re always assessing the work we do. Our cleaners use a detailed cleaning plan that’s built in consultation with you, so that we’re meeting or exceeding your expectations with every visit.

Best of all, one of our owner-operators is always there for cleaning services, offering a higher level of personal investment in your business. This supervision means that we can make sure we’re meeting the high standards of our brand’s reputation. It also means we won’t overlook any part of your office, and you’ll never have to worry about sloppy results or a drop-off in quality.

A Higher Standard For Business Cleaning in Scottsdale

With JAN-PRO of Phoenix, the services we provide are always guided by our three systems. The JAN-PRO Signature Clean® is the brand standards that we always strive towards. Our owner-operators are each trained in these standards and expectations, as well as OSHA regulations and other workplace standards. The JAN-PRO Signature Clean® defines our approach, from owner-led services to a personalized cleaning approach for each of our clients.

JAN-PRO Technics® helps us to implement every cleaning, meeting those high standards. It’s our collection of world-class cleaning products, cutting-edge equipment, and other technologies. It’s how we’re able to offer hospital-level disinfection, plus deep cleaning that gets into every corner of your office.

We rely on JAN-PRO Tracker® so we can always excel with any and all business cleaning services. For businesses in Scottsdale, we audit the cleaning services we provide to you, with regular inspections, a 50-point checklist, and other methods of evaluation. We strive to deliver you a high standard of cleaning with every visit—and with these three systems, we’re able to achieve that.

JAN-PRO of Phoenix Offers Owner-Led Cleaning Services With A Guarantee

Don’t forget about our cleaning guarantee! It comes with our business cleaning services throughout the region, including:

We can address any concerns with cleaning services in just 24 hours. If that doesn’t happen, your next standard cleaning is completely free, guaranteed.

Ready to get started with JAN-PRO of Phoenix? For an estimate for business cleaning in Scottsdale, just contact (602) 438-1000 today.