Business Cleaning in Boston: Keep Your Team Healthy During Flu Season

Posted on November 15, 2018

Are you worried about the kind of impact that the upcoming flu season will have on your office staff? It’s not uncommon for businesses to see a dip in productivity during flu season. That’s why it’s important to maintain good business cleaning practices on a daily basis, especially throughout the winter months. At JAN-PRO® of Massachusetts, our business cleaning team in Boston can assist you with providing your employees with a safe and sanitary workplace all winter long. Whether your business office is located in Boston, Woburn, or a nearby community, you can count on us to fight the flu with our professional resources. Read on for more information about the steps that you should take to prevent the spread of the flu among your employees.

Maintaining a Safe & Healthy Workplace in Boston

Take a look at these tips from our business cleaning experts at JAN-PRO of Massachusetts to help your office in Boston get through flu season:

  • Encourage your team to get vaccinated. Vaccination is a crucial part of flu prevention, which is why it’s important for all of your staff members to get vaccinated as early as possible. Remind your employees about the importance of the vaccine and provide them with a list of nearby clinics that offer it.
  • Promote healthy hand hygiene in the office. Good hand hygiene minimizes the risk of person-to-person germ transfer. Help your employees keep their hands clean by providing hand sanitizer in convenient locations in your office. In addition, post reminders about correct handwashing procedures in the bathrooms and kitchen area.
  • Have an office meeting to go over flu safety. Gather your team together to discuss proper flu prevention practices, especially the importance of staying home when sick.
  • Get help from a professional business cleaning service. A professional service like JAN-PRO of Massachusetts has access to state-of-the-art tools and hospital-grade formulas that effectively fight germs and help keep your office in Boston clean and sanitary.
  • Disinfect as often as possible. Ask about our comprehensive disinfection service with EnviroShield®, a JAN-PRO exclusive system. EnviroShield® eliminates 99% of bacteria and viruses on contact, making it the ideal business cleaning tool in Boston for flu season.

Learn more about our business cleaning experts’ flu-fighting techniques by calling JAN-PRO of Massachusetts today at (781) 482-7990 to get started with a free cleaning consultation at your office in Boston, Woburn, or a neighboring town.