Advanced Medical Cleaning Procedures in Boston

Posted on June 11, 2018

When it comes to cleaning services for medical offices and healthcare centers, conventional cleaning methods simply don’t cut it. At JAN-PRO® of Massachusetts, we offer advanced medical cleaning procedures for healthcare facilities in Boston, Woburn, and the neighboring communities. These procedures are part of MedMetrix®, our specialized medical cleaning program in Boston. Keep reading for details about how MedMetrix® provides hygienic results with the help of our high-tech processes and meticulous eye for detail.

MedMetrix: Outstanding Medical Cleaning in Boston

As part of the MedMetrix® certification process, our owner-operators at JAN-PRO of Massachusetts have undergone exhaustive training and testing in the many facets of cleaning for healthcare facilities. Here are just a few of the services we offer for medical offices in the Boston area as part of the MedMetrix® program:

  • Reduction of VOCs. Are you worried that a commercial cleaning company will use harsh chemical cleaners that could leave behind toxic residues or fumes in your facility, possibly endangering your patients and staff? Our team of medical cleaning experts in Boston understand your health concerns and choose alternative non-toxic products whenever possible for healthier results that you can trust.
  • Indoor air filtration. Your facility needs fresh, clean air in order to be a healthy environment for medical services. Our high-tech HEPA filter vacuums offer excellent air filtration by eliminating dust, dander, and allergens for healthier indoor air quality.
  • Cross-contamination prevention. Cross-contamination is a huge concern for any type of facility, but it is especially an issue with medical centers. We prevent cross-contamination during cleaning with a special color-coded system for separating our cleaning cloths and mop pads.
  • Microfiber cleaning. Conventional cleaning cloths do little in the way of trapping bacteria and tiny dust particles. That’s why we use high-tech microfiber cleaning materials. Microfiber is made with thin microscopic fibers that provide better results than traditional materials. In order to preserve their cleaning powers, we follow careful laundering procedures to disinfect our microfiber supplies after each use.
  • Adherence to high standards. We know that operators of medical centers face strict regulations and sky-high standards. We’ll help you meet or exceed the rigorous requirements of the healthcare industry through our advanced cleaning services. MedMetrix® judiciously observes the guidelines laid out by agencies such as the Joint Commission, CDC, AORN, and OSHA.

Don’t hesitate to learn more about our advanced medical cleaning services in Boston. Call JAN-PRO of Massachusetts at (781) 482-7990 to set up a free cleaning consultation in Boston, Woburn, or a neighboring town.