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As a school administrator, it’s your job to build a healthy and productive learning environment. As New York’s leading school cleaning service, it’s our job to make that possible. Our school cleaning services rely on the advanced cleaning systems that come with our Signature Clean® program. With these systems in place, JAN-PRO of New York City is the easy choice when you need A+ school cleaning services

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At JAN-PRO of New York City, we know that long-term success starts with smart planning. Our custom cleaning plans are central to our kindergarten, college, & school cleaning services. When you partner with our team, we’ll match you with an expert or team of experts in school sanitation. We’ll work with you to develop a cleaning program, including strategies to address your biggest concerns and your school’s most critical areas when it comes to sanitation. With a JAN-PRO of New York City school cleaning service plan in place, you’ll receive industry leading services and support.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Classroom-Ready Disinfection

With the number of students who walk through your halls every day, colds and flus are always a concern. That’s why JAN-PRO of New York City uses our industry’s most advanced disinfection system: EnviroShield®. This system delivers hospital-grade disinfection to your classrooms and uses an eco-friendly, kid-friendly disinfectant

Advanced Bathroom Cleaning

Our cleaners excel at leaving bathrooms germ and bacteria free. We use EnviroShield® for restroom disinfection and clean with special attention paid to high-touch areas like door handles, faucets, and towel dispensers

Quieter Vacuuming

JAN-PRO of New York City uses quiet-cleaning HEPA vacuums. Our vacuums will improve your school’s air quality and reduce distracting noise

Specialty Floor Cleaning

Our staff has the experience and equipment to deliver on day-to-day and intensive floor cleanings, no matter the surface

We Leave Air Fresher & Healthier

Our vacuums include quiet-cleaning technology, making it easy for students to concentrate. They also include HEPA filters that actually improve the quality of air in your school.

Green Cleaning Methods

In addition to our eco-friendly EnviroShield® system, we train our cleaners in advanced coverage methods that allow us to limit the use of harsh chemicals

Secure, Reliable Cleaning

We have our staff wear JAN-PRO uniforms whenever they’re on site, making it easy for you to keep track of who’s who in your school

We believe evaluation and feedback is essential to great work, which is why JAN-PRO of New York City uses the JAN-PRO Tracker® system. We use this system to monitor and measure all of our school cleaning services. This way, whenever there’s room for improvement, we spot it and make changes. It’s little wonder Entrepreneur magazine recently named JAN-PRO the world’s #1 commercial cleaning organization.

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