Exclusive JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems for New York City

Posted on October 19, 2017

At JAN-PRO® of Greater New York, our years in the cleaning industry have taught us that high-quality cleaning results for New York City-area facilities start with high-quality cleaning systems and supplies. That’s why the impeccable cleaning services we promise to facilities in New York City, Mineola, and throughout Greater New York are delivered using some of the most advanced systems and supplies in the cleaning industry – our exclusive JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems.

Where some cleaners in New York City, NY might rely solely on rags, mops, and other traditional cleaning systems, at JAN-PRO of Greater New York, we’ve come to recognize the shortcomings of these supplies. Traditional mops, for example often leave cleaners pushing dirty water across dirty floors, whereas rags are unable to disinfect porous, uneven, and hard-to-reach areas. Therefore, we clean New York City-area facilities using a series of exclusive JAN-PRO cleaning systems, streamlined and automated for the most efficient and effective cleaning results.

Advanced JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems in New York City

When you rely on the cleaning services we offer at JAN-PRO of Greater New York for your New York City-area business, just some of the exclusive JAN-PRO cleaning systems available include:

  • EnviroShield®. Bacteria lurking in computer keyboards, carpets, bathroom fixtures, and other difficult-to-clean surfaces doesn’t stand a chance against our EnviroShield® disinfection system. This exclusive JAN-PRO cleaning system disinfects New York City-area facilities by using spray-application technology to wrap virtually any surface in a fine mist of powerful, non-toxic disinfectant.
  • MedMetrix®. Through the most rigorous training program in the cleaning industry, our owner/operators at JAN-PRO of Greater New York have received certification in our MedMetrix® program for medical offices. With our MedMetrix® program, we deliver hospital-grade disinfection to a variety of medical-specific areas and spaces. Our owner/operators have been trained to disinfect waiting rooms, operating suites, terminal patient areas, and more, ensuring all AORN, CDC, OSHA, and Joint Commission standards are met.
  • JAN-PRO Technics®. We make sure we always deliver the exceptional cleaning results we promise to New York City-area facilities by measuring our cleaning services using our JAN-PRO Technics® system. This precise monitoring system uses a 50-point checklist to evaluate every aspect of the cleaning we deliver. It ensures we are cleaning efficiently and safely, and that our high standards for cleanliness and hygiene are always met.

To learn more about how our advanced JAN-PRO cleaning systems can help your New York City-area business shine, call JAN-PRO of Greater New York today at (516) 279-3465.