The Art of Cleanliness: Unveiling the Standards for Restaurants To Follow

Posted on July 13, 2023

Whether you’re a small cafe or a fine dining restaurant, it isn’t enough that your food looks good and tastes great. It should also be properly and safely prepared according to industry and government regulations. 

Adhering to cleanliness standards in restaurants ensures the health and safety of your customers and employees. It prevents issues that can create health risks for your diners, whether a cross-contaminated vegetable or foreign objects in their food. Of course, it also protects your business from closures due to health violations. 

On that note, let’s delve into the fundamental standards your food establishment should follow to create a safe and enjoyable environment for your diners. 

5 Cleanliness Standards Every Restaurant Must Meet

1. When Cleaning Food Contact Surfaces 

Food prep surfaces, such as countertops, cutting boards, utensils, and other equipment used, must be adequately cleaned after every use. More frequent cleaning may be necessary if these surfaces are to be used in preparing raw meat and produce to prevent cross-contamination. 

It’s also crucial that you choose your cleaning agents wisely. The National Restaurant Association recommends stable, non-corrosive, and food-safe products to wash off dirt, grime, or food remnants from surfaces. 

2. When Cleaning the Kitchen and Kitchen Equipment

The kitchen must be cleaned thoroughly and regularly to ensure the safe preparation of food, but here are some high-touch surfaces that require special attention: 

  • Pan handles 
  • Stove knobs and oven controls 
  • Fridge handles 
  • Buttons and handles on other appliances (e.g., deep fryer, griddle, microwave, food processor, mixer)  

These surfaces must be wiped down before and after meal prep. Doing so not only prevents the buildup of dirt, food residue, and bacteria but it also helps keep your work area and equipment clean and in optimal condition. 

3. When Cleaning the Dining Area 

A clean and inviting dining area is just as crucial as a spotless kitchen. Other than health and safety reasons, maintaining the appearance of your food establishment helps you create a welcoming ambiance and draw customers in. After all, the dining room is usually the first thing they see when they enter your establishment. 

Wiping tables and chairs and vacuuming and mopping floors are your primary tasks, but here are other items that should make it to your to-do list: 

  • Thoroughly clean bar tops, table tops, chairs, and other surface areas customers come in contact with. 
  • Ensure that the cloths used to wipe down surfaces in your dining area are not used anywhere else in the restaurant, such as the kitchen or the restrooms. 
  • Clean condiment bottles regularly. 
  • Keep cleaning supplies away from food but readily available to the staff. 

4. When Cleaning Restrooms

Your restaurant’s restrooms are another area that requires regular cleaning and maintenance. Especially when it is shared by your employees and visitors, adequate cleaning will help prevent cross-contamination and the spread of diseases. 

Here are some fundamental cleaning tasks you’re expected to carry out: 

  • Scrub toilet bowls, seats, urinals, and the floor around them. 
  • Clean and dry surface areas around sinks. 
  • Clean and polish mirrors and fixtures. 
  • Spot clean walls and partitions. 
  • Monitor restrooms frequently throughout the day for any cleaning required. 

5. When Cleaning Floors  

Dirty restaurant floors may turn off customers, but that’s not all. They also pose a safety risk for both patrons and employees. 

Keep everyone in your food establishment safe with these tasks: 

  • Place a large floor mat at your restaurant’s entrance to keep dirt from being brought inside. 
  • Regularly vacuum and mop near the entrance and exit. 
  • Clean the space underneath booths and tables. 
  • Mop spills quickly and close off the area to avoid slipping accidents. 
  • For your kitchen floors, perform regular deep cleaning with soap and water to remove soil or grime buildup. 

Enlist Help From Professional Teams Who Understand the Strict Cleanliness Standards in Restaurants

Serving delicious meals and providing unmatched customer service are primary ways to keep your diners happy. However, remember that how you clean and maintain your restaurant also impacts their experience and perception of your food establishment. Most importantly, it directly affects the health of your customers – and the morale of everyone working there. 

Don’t let a neglected kitchen or dining area hinder your restaurant’s success. Give your business the level of cleanliness it deserves by partnering with cleaning companies that get the rigorous cleanliness standards in restaurants. 

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