Commercial Cleanings for the San Francisco Bay Area

Posted on August 1, 2017

At JAN-PRO of the Greater Bay Area, we make exceptional commercial cleanings our business. Our owner-operators take a 5-week certification course to familiarize themselves with the unique needs of the many industries and companies we serve. Our cleaning experts are vetted for their experience, professionalism, and high standard of care. We employ a proprietary three-system process to ensure that every level of your cleaning meets or exceeds our exacting brand standards. Simply put, we earn our strong reputation for excellence in commercial cleaning throughout the Greater Bay Area, San Francisco Bay area, and in Pleasanton.

A Commercial Cleaning Approach for Every San Francisco Bay Area Industry

As a global leader in commercial cleanings, JAN-PRO has developed and perfected comprehensive cleaning techniques for a range of industries. These industries include, but are not limited to:

  • Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities that include factories, processing plants, and warehouses.
  • Business and Office Spaces such as financial institutions, retailers, offices, and rental properties.
  • Medical Facilities including dental offices and doctors’ offices, walk-in centers, and hospitals.
  • Educational and Child Care Centers such as day care facilities, pre-schools, and universities.
  • Civic Centers including government buildings and religious centers.
  • Specialty Facilities including automotive dealerships, restaurants, and gyms.

Every client we serve in the San Francisco Bay area receives a room-by-room cleaning plan designed especially for your space, so you always know exactly what each visit will entail. With JAN-PRO of the Greater Bay Area, you know that you’ll always receive a higher standard of commercial cleaning service.

A Commercial Cleaning Guarantee for the San Francisco Bay Area

We’re confident that you’ll find our commercial cleaning services unparalleled in the San Francisco Bay area. It’s one of the reasons we offer our service guarantee. If you’re in any way displeased with your cleaning, contact us within 24 hours. We’ll schedule a corrective follow-up immediately. And if the results aren’t up to our high brand standards, your next cleaning is on us. We’re personally invested in delivering customer satisfaction with every cleaning.

A commercial cleaning from JAN-PRO of the Greater Bay Area is just a phone call away. Contact us at (925) 474-2333 to find out more about our services and complimentary estimates. Our commercial cleanings extend to San Francisco Bay area, the Greater Bay Area, and Pleasanton.