Industrial Cleaning in Detroit: Why Industry-Specific Knowledge Matters

Posted on September 12, 2017

We all know different facilities are designed for different activities. You wouldn’t send your children to play in a manufacturing plant, just as you wouldn’t try to manufacture a product in a daycare center. With different facilities set up for different activities, it only makes sense that each type of facility would require different cleaning techniques and methods to achieve a consistently germ-free shine. Why is it then that so many cleaning services in the Detroit area attempt to use the same cleaning methods in industrial buildings that they use in day care centers?

At JAN-PRO® of Detroit, we understand that heavy-duty industrial buildings need heavy-duty cleaning methods specifically designed to take on the grime and dirt found within their walls. That’s why we provide industrial cleaning services that use industry-specific cleaning techniques and systems. Just some of the advantages of our industry-specific approach to industrial cleaning in Detroit include:

  • OSHA Expertise. In an industrial setting, keeping workers safe and your facility running smoothly is your top priority. As knowledgeable cleaning experts, JAN-PRO of Detroit will make sure your facility always meets or exceeds all health and safety regulations.
  • Industry-Specific Products. Thanks to our experience cleaning industrial buildings in the Detroit area, we know exactly what products and systems work best on the specific types of grime and dirt found in industrial facilities.
  • Detail-Oriented Cleaning. As knowledgeable professionals at JAN-PRO of Detroit, we spot the high-touch and high-traffic areas within industrial buildings, as well as areas that may be overlooked by less experienced cleaners. 
  • Consistent and Efficient Results. Not only does our industry-specific knowledge allow us to clean more thoroughly, it also allows us to clean more efficiently. With the custom cleaning plan we create for your facility, we’ll take a methodical approach to cleaning, ensuring the job gets done right every time.

Detroit’s Certified Industrial Cleaning Experts

At JAN-PRO of Detroit, our owners/operators have been certified in advanced cleaning techniques for industrial buildings through the most rigorous training program in the cleaning industry. Through this intensive 5-week course, they have received detailed instruction in efficiently and effectively cleaning large facilities, what products work best in industrial settings, and in our uncompromising brand standards. They personally deliver or manage all our services  to ensure high-quality results each and every industrial cleaning in the Detroit area.

Experience the advantage of partnering with industrial cleaning experts for yourself by calling JAN-PRO of Detroit today at (248) 936-0300. Our industrial cleaning services are available in Detroit, Troy, Birmingham, Ann Arbor, Southfield, and the surrounding areas.