Green Janitorial Cleaning Services in Detroit

Posted on December 21, 2017

From automobiles to toilet paper, these days it seems that every store in Michigan is advertising something as “green” or “eco-friendly.” This is especially true in the cleaning industry, where there is a “green” option for dish soap, laundry detergent, and just about every other cleaning product you can think of. But while you might have heard the term “green cleaning” before, you may not be sure what it is, and how a green janitorial cleaning service can help your business in the Detroit, MI area.

When people say, “green cleaning,” they’re usually referring to a range of cleaning products and practices designed to keep humans healthy and protect the environment. While green cleaning has gained popularity in recent years, scientists have been studying the affects of harsh cleaning chemicals on humans and the environment for over fifty years.

It seems that we are only now waking up to the fact that the chemicals found in some cleaning products have been linked to cases of cancer and reproductive problems, as well as damage to local waterways, endangering fish and other wildlife. You can help protect both the environment and your worker’s health by partnering with a Detroit-area janitorial cleaning service that uses cleaning practices and products that keep workers safe and contribute to a greener earth.

Detroit’s Safe Janitorial Cleaning Services

When businesses in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Troy, Birmingham, Southfield, and throughout southeast Michigan look to partner with janitorial cleaning services that keep workers safe and protect the environment, they turn to JAN-PRO® of Detroit. Just one of the specialized cleaning programs we offer is our green-certified cleaning program. This program provides safe, spotless, and germ-free cleaning results to any business or industry, while using products, methods, and technologies that are completely eco-friendly.

In addition to this green-certified program, we strive to provide each Detroit-area business we care for with janitorial cleaning services that help contribute to a safer workplace and a greener earth. Our reusable microfiber cleaning supplies help us cut down on waste while cleaning, and help reduce our water usage by being able to trap dirt and dust particles using less water than traditional cloths and rages. Additionally, our EnviroShield® disinfection system eliminates 99.9999% of all germs and viruses on contact with an eco-friendly and non-toxic disinfectant.

Call JAN-PRO of Detroit today at (248) 936-0300 to partner with safe and eco-friendly janitorial cleaning services for your facility.