Knowledgeable Commercial Cleaners in Charlottesville

Posted on December 21, 2017

If you’re looking for a commercial cleaner for your facility in the Charlottesville, VA area, you may not be sure where to start. While most cleaners in Virginia will promise you amazing services each and every cleaning, how can you be sure these promises will lead to the spotless, safe, and germ-free results your facility needs?

One of the best ways to tell whether a commercial cleaner in the Charlottesville area is able to stand behind the promises they make is to ask about the training and certification programs they have gone through. While untrained cleaners might be able to leave your facility looking clean, it’s cleaners with training and certification who will have the know-how to keep your facility germ free, and who are able to clean efficiently to help maximize your ROI.

Charlottesville’s Certified Commercial Cleaners

When businesses in Albemarle County look for knowledgeable commercial cleaners, they turn to JAN-PRO® of Charlottesville. As a JAN-PRO Signature Clean® company, our owner/operators have graduated from the most rigorous training program in the cleaning industry. Through this 5-week program, they’ve received exclusive knowledge on the state-of-the-art cleaning systems we use, as well as certification in our brand standards and industry-specific cleaning techniques.

Just some of the ways our intensive certification program at JAN-PRO of Charlottesville gives us an edge over untrained commercial cleaners include:

  • Industry-Specific Cleaning. While some commercial cleaners in the Charlottesville area might approach cleaning a day care center the same way they would approach cleaning a doctor’s office, our owner/operators have been trained in industry-specific cleaning techniques. Whether you need hospital-grade disinfection for your medical center or kid-friendly disinfection for your preschool, we’ve got techniques developed to meet your specific cleaning needs.
  • OSHA Expertise. When you rely on JAN-PRO of Charlottesville, you’ll have the complete confidence that comes from partnering with certified commercial cleaners with the know-how to keep your facility compliant with all health and safety regulations.
  • A Professional Approach to Cleaning. Thanks to our training and certification program, our owner/operators at JAN-PRO of Charlottesville are prepared for a career as professional commercial cleaners. We understand the importance of great customer service and proactive communication with our clients, as well as the importance of delivering safe and germ-free cleaning services.

To partner with knowledgeable commercial cleaners for your business, call JAN-PRO of Charlottesville today at (434) 975-5010.