Start a Cleaning Business in Charlotte

Posted on July 30, 2018

Do you want to learn more about how you can start a cleaning business in the Charlotte area? When you purchase a franchise, you can reap the benefits of our extensive experience in the commercial cleaning industry, as well as the positive reputation associated with our name. JAN-PRO® Cleaning Systems of Greater Charlotte can assist you as you take the steps to start a cleaning business. Read on for details about what you can expect when you become a franchisee.

Start a Cleaning Business in Charlotte to Invest in Your Future

When you decide to enter the commercial cleaning business as a franchisee, you’ll have the full support and backing of one of the leaders of the industry. Here are just a few of the ways we’ll help ensure you succeed when you start a cleaning business in Charlotte with us:

  • We provide you with flexible franchising options. We have various franchising options available and can help you choose the plan that will best fit your intentions and availability.
  • We offer a low cost of entry to a dynamic industry. Through JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems of Greater Charlotte, you can purchase a franchise for as a little as a month’s rent. Plus, we don’t ask our franchisees to invest heavily in equipment or cleaning supplies. We even have financing opportunities available.
  • We help you invest in your skill base. Our five-week certification program provides a solid education in the fundamentals of commercial cleaning. You’ll learn the ins and outs of our meticulous methodology so that you can provide the JAN-PRO Signature Clean® for a range of different facility types and industries.
  • We give you built-in customers in Charlotte. We’ll provide you with a customer base in your local area so that you can focus on delivering high-quality services instead of making sales.
  • We help you flex your leadership muscles. As a JAN-PRO franchisee, you’ll be the owner of your own business. This means you’ll be required to use your leadership skills and practice good decision-making to ensure your business continues to thrive.
  • We offer our trusted name. You’ll benefit from being a member of the JAN-PRO team thanks to our solid reputation in commercial cleaning.

Are you ready to operate a business in the commercial cleaning industry? Start a cleaning business by contacting JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems of Greater Charlotte at (704) 553-8007 to review our franchising options for the Charlotte area.