Member Retention: Why Regular Commercial Gym Cleaning is a Must

Posted on July 12, 2023

Gyms across the United States are seeing more people signing up for memberships. With plenty of people spending the last few years confined to their homes, more people are now looking to lose the weight of sedentary lifestyles and shed those excess pounds. 

However, with plenty of gym franchises and locations, gym operators need to take steps to retain their existing members. One of these effective strategies is through hiring cleaning services for gyms and ensuring their facilities stay clean. Here are a few reasons why commercial gym cleaning services can be vital for member retention.

Why Your Gym Needs Commercial Gym Cleaning Services

Gym owners and operators should strive to provide the best possible experience for their members. These are some ways gym cleaning in Charlotte can improve that experience and boost member retention.

1. Prevent the Spread of Diseases

Your gym facilities will be exposed to sweat and body oils. This can lead to bacterial growth, especially on high-contact surfaces, leading to transmitted illnesses. The same goes for bathrooms, saunas, dressing rooms, and other facilities. Additionally, organic debris and dirt left in places like bathrooms can attract pests, which bring their own list of transmissible diseases. 

Regular cleaning can minimize the risk of diseases among your gym members. While it’s a beneficial practice for gym members to wipe down equipment before and after use, they may miss a few spots – assuming they’ve wiped at all. Having reliable cleaners on-site ensures that high-contact surfaces are regularly cleaned. 

2. Create Inviting Facilities

Regular commercial gym cleaning can keep your members from leaving or canceling their membership. When your members enter your gym, clean facilities can motivate them to use your equipment. It’s what also encourages them to return and continue renewing their membership. 

In contrast, seeing unclean facilities can give your members a headache knowing that they can either use them in their unkempt state or wipe down every piece of equipment they use. This could be what drives them to find other gyms in the area. Thus, gym cleaning in Charlotte is a must for member retention. 

3. Divert Your Budget To Additional Facilities and Perks

Hiring a cleaning service for gyms is much more cost-effective than hiring in-house cleaning staff and sourcing your own cleaning supplies. When you opt to hire in-house, you’re paying for the hiring costs, payroll, government benefits, and costs associated when your cleaners call in sick. By outsourcing your cleaning services, however, you’re only paying for the service. 

This cost-saving strategy can give you some extra money on your budget. This can go to other gym facilities or perks, such as additional fitness classes, a snack bar, charging stations, complimentary toiletries in the showers, and other value-adding amenities that improve your members’ experience. 

4. Minimize Equipment Wear and Tear

Your equipment facilities will experience regular wear and tear. Conducting gym equipment maintenance at least once a year can only do so much to extend your equipment’s lifespans. The best way to keep your equipment at its best for as long as possible is to ensure that it’s regularly cleaned. 

A thorough cleaning ensures that features like the upholstery, bearings, and other mechanisms in your equipment don’t wear out as quickly as possible. It also ensures that someone is always there to put your equipment back as necessary to prevent degrading it at a much faster rate. 

JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting Delivers Quality Cleaning Services for Gyms

Fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and everyday people trying to get into their best shape value cleaning services for gyms and the benefits it provides to their workout experience. To maximize your gym’s earning potential, you must attract new customers and ensure member retention. With a reliable service provider for gym cleaning in Charlotte, NC, you can make the most out of your gym facilities. 

JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting provides commercial cleaning solutions to gyms and fitness centers. With reliable cleaners available during your operating hours, you can take steps to make your members happier and your facilities ready to accommodate your growth. Get in touch with JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting today to book your service appointment.