Discover the Top 10 Deep Commercial Cleaning Services for Alabama Businesses

Posted on May 24, 2024

Maintaining a clean workplace involves daily tasks like sweeping or vacuuming the floors and emptying the garbage. These measures will tackle surface dirt, but every company should invest in a commercial cleaning service that goes deeper.

This guide will help you discover the top ten deep cleaning services available for your Alabama business.

If you’re ready to embrace industrial cleaning services, don’t hesitate to contact JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting in Central Alabama.

The Importance of Alabama Commercial Cleaning Services for Business Facilities

Investing in professional cleaning services for your business provides significant benefits. Experts use powerful disinfectants to kill lingering germs on surfaces so everyone who walks into your building stays healthy.

In addition, taking the time to keep a tidy workplace makes employees happier and also gives customers a good impression of your workplace.

If you don’t have the resources to handle office cleaning in-house, hire a Certified Business Owner offering janitorial services near you.

You’ll maintain a healthier workplace and have the option of periodically investing in deep commercial cleaning services.

Top 10 Industrial Cleaning Services for a Deep Clean

When you work with a professional cleaner, they will let you know exactly what your facility needs. Daily light cleaning will keep new dirt at bay but doesn’t eliminate buildup on every surface.

Check out the ten most common deep cleaning services that business owners schedule for their commercial facilities.

1. Pressure Washing

Kicking off the list is a commercial cleaning service that focuses on sprucing up your building’s exterior. Professionals can come to your office with all of the necessary equipment and power wash various outdoor areas, including:

  • The sides of the building
  • Pathways and sidewalks
  • Parking lots

Dirt, car oil, bird droppings, and more can accumulate on these surfaces and make your exterior look unkempt. Let an experienced cleaner take care of these spaces to make your workplace look more inviting.

2. Window Cleaning

You’ll easily spot smudges and dirt on your windows when the sun shines through. Cleaning ground-floor windows might be part of your regular routine, while other areas don’t get as much attention.

A thorough window cleaning is a smart investment for local medical facilities, schools and universities, corporate businesses, and more.

3. Carpet Cleaning

A standard commercial cleaning service usually includes regularly vacuuming any carpet throughout the building. This sucks up loose dirt on the floor that workers and patrons track in from outside, but vacuums don’t always penetrate dirt that’s deep in the carpet’s fibers.

Hire Alabama cleaning services that offer deep carpet cleaning for the best results. Experts use special shampoo formulas to lift stains and dirt from your carpets and scrub them clean.

4. Stripping the Floors of Industrial Facilities

Does your workplace have hard floors instead of carpets? Experts can perform a deep cleaning service to remove all traces of dirt and grime, giving your floors a distinct shine.

Ask your certified business owner about stripping and burnishing the floors of your facility.

This service involves applying a custom cleaning solution to the floor to lift stubborn grime. Experts then use powerful equipment to scrub the surface and reveal a shiny finish.

Like carpet cleaning, you should schedule this service based on the amount of wear and tear your floors receive.

5. Disinfecting Office Equipment

While medical facilities have to maintain a sterile environment by regularly disinfecting areas, most offices don’t follow the same standard of cleanliness.

Independent certified business owners often sanitize common surfaces like door handles or tabletops but ignore other surfaces and office equipment during their everyday cleaning routine.

Requesting a deep cleaning service that focuses on sanitizing forgotten parts of your office can boost the health of everyone in the vicinity.

Professionals use commercial-grade cleaning products that destroy germs carrying viruses and bacteria so people don’t get sick. Deep cleaning involves disinfecting various office equipment, from computers and printers to coffee makers and vending machine buttons.

6. Bathroom Cleaning

The average commercial cleaning service includes restroom sanitation and disinfecting. While daily cleaning makes the workplace restroom pleasant for all, it doesn’t cover every inch of the bathroom.

Certified business owners typically focus on scrubbing toilets, wiping counters, and mopping the floors.

A deep bathroom cleaning goes beyond these measures and includes cleaning hard-to-reach areas. It could involve cleaning the tile and grout so the bathroom floors shine when you step inside.

Any Alabama business can benefit from this deep cleaning service regardless of the industry and the number of people who use the restroom.

7. Cleaning Shelves and Cabinets

Say you hire a commercial cleaning service provider to tidy up your office every day. They do a great job cleaning common surfaces and floors, but you still feel stuffy when you’re inside the office.

That’s because a buildup of dust on hard-to-reach surfaces gets neglected during a standard cleaning appointment.

Alabama business owners should consider scheduling a deep cleaning where professionals tackle the tops of cabinets and shelving units. Cleaners will often have to remove any objects on the surface before they can dust the area. Don’t let the tops of cabinets or shelves go unnoticed and breathe excess dust because of it.

8. Cleaning the Surfaces Underneath Furniture

Imagine sitting on the sofa in your business’s breakroom, where employees gather to socialize and snack throughout the day. You might think the floors are clean since you have an independent Certified Business Owner come in and vacuum them daily.

However, they only vacuum around the couch instead of moving it to clean the entire floor.

Have a cleaner devote some time to moving all heavy furniture in the office so they can remove dust and dirt hiding on the floors underneath. This deep cleaning service makes a huge difference in the overall health of your building and its occupants.

9. Cleaning Upholstered Furniture

When it comes to commercial cleaning, you might think that professionals only focus on hard surfaces and flooring throughout the space. However, experts can also deep clean upholstered furniture throughout your workspace.

Scheduling this service not only improves the appearance of chairs, couches, and other pieces, but it also helps them last longer, so you don’t have to replace the furniture.

10. Deep Cleaning Cloth Furnishings

If you’re going to clean your upholstered furniture deeply, don’t forget to take care of any curtains, pillows, and other soft furnishings around your facility. These features add charm to the workplace but can accumulate a lot of dust and allergens.

Experts recommend regular cleanings to maintain the quality and appearance of the fabric. Work with your cleaning certified franchisee to figure out the ideal schedule for this service.

Supplement Regular Janitorial Services with Deep Commercial Cleaning Services

Every company is different, but one thing they all have in common is a need for cleanliness throughout the facility. Let a commercial cleaning service provider come to your office on a regular schedule to sanitize and tidy up the building. You can customize which services best suit your facility, such as medical cleaning or basic janitorial services for offices.

Your service coordinator can recommend deep cleaning services that benefit you, and they will create a schedule that accommodates the demands of your operations.

For example, if the building gets a lot of foot traffic and has light-colored carpets, you may need deep carpet cleaning every month. Certified Business Owners can shampoo and scrub the carpets outside of normal business hours so the workforce and customers will continue to have full access to key points in the building.

What to Look for in a Commercial Cleaning Certified Franchisee

Finding a reliable expert to perform commercial cleaning in Alabama doesn’t have to be difficult. You can narrow down your options by finding a Service Provider that exhibits the following characteristics:

  • Industry experience: Choose a service provider who specializes in commercial cleaning and has years of proven experience.
  • Flexible scheduling: You need a cleaner that will accommodate your schedule instead of the other way around.
  • Affordable rates: Compare rates to get a sense of which consultant offers the best service for the price.
  • Range of services: Don’t hire a provider that only offers basic janitorial services and no deep cleaning options. Your business will benefit from having an independent contractor who can perform multiple cleaning projects.

Industry experts like JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting in Central Alabama exhibit all of these qualities, among others. When you find the right service provider for the job, you’ll be pleased with your service.

Schedule Deep Cleaning Services for Industrial and Medical Facilities

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