Which Workplaces Need Fall Cleaning Services?

Posted on August 21, 2017

With autumn just around the corner, the team at JAN-PRO® is gearing up for fall cleaning season. Not every business needs fall cleaning services, but a deep-clean every October or November is crucial in many workplaces. Whether you’re concerned about the appearance of your facilities, the lifespan of carpeting and furnishings, worker health and hygiene, or a combination of these, fall cleaning services can do wonders for your workspace.

Unsure whether or not you should ask your cleaning service provider about fall cleaning? Here are some things to consider when making your decision.

Reasons to Book Fall Cleaning Services

The need for fall cleaning is dictated by a number of different factors. These include your local climate, the environmental conditions around your facility, the equipment and systems used within your building, the amount of traffic in your workplace, and the importance of your facilities’ appearance.

Depending on these factors, some businesses choose to stick with yearly spring cleaning. Others are better off with a second deep clean each fall. Some of the biggest considerations for booking fall cleaning services include:

  • Fall cleaning can get rid of dirt, dust, and grease to minimize the cleaning concerns of winter weather if you live in an area with harsh winters. Fall cleaning also offers the perfect opportunity to winterize your workplace.
  • Certain geographies, climates, and environments mean more dust and dirt tracked in on the soles of workers’ and/or customers’ shoes. A deep clean is the perfect way to address dust and dirt build-up from summer.
  • Conditions in and outside your workplace can create air quality concerns, either throughout your workplace or in specific areas. Dusty air, particulates, and fumes can lead to stains and build-up on walls, window sills, and other areas that may require regular deep cleaning.
  • The more people there are in your workplace, the more frequently it needs deep-cleaning. Fall cleaning can help you clear out the dust, dirt, oils, grease, and bacteria that come with lots of traffic.
  • Some businesses depend on a squeaky-clean image to maintain customer confidence. Bi-annual deep cleaning ensures your space looks its best year-round, and will safeguard your facilities against the dreary and drab look your competitors get during winter.

Remember that a fall cleaning doesn’t need to be as intensive as spring cleaning. If you think you could benefit from fall cleaning, but you’re unsure about the costs, a good cleaning services provider will be happy to create a customized fall cleaning plan for your facility.

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