Why Not Celebrate Labor Day by Starting a Business?

Posted on April 9, 2015

No matter how accommodating one’s employer, many Americans aren’t working with their own long-term goals in mind. To hold a job, one must perform duties that help their companies attain their corporate objectives. While this isn’t necessarily bad, it’s not the most ideal situation for the individual. As a result, owning a business has long been irrevocably intertwined with the American Dream.

Did you know franchise businesses are not only financially rewarding, but also making a positive impact on the US economy?

  • Franchises have added nearly 200,000 new jobs in the US in 2014.
  • Franchising accounts for nearly 10% of new jobs in the US.
  • The number of franchise businesses is expected to rise from year-to-year.
  • One out of every 12 businesses in the US is a franchise business.

How to Be Your Own Boss

There are numerous ways to start a business, but for many individuals, the appeal of purchasing a franchise is undeniable. Those who own a franchise not only make their own opportunities and manage their own schedules, but they can also draw onthe benefits of corporate resources and expertise as they learn more about the difficult task of running a firm.

Choosing a Franchise Opportunity

Unfortunately, some of the most well-known franchises have exorbitantly high entry prices, and even worse, they suffer from market over-saturation. JAN-PRO, on the other hand, offers longevity and stability. By fulfilling the need for commercial cleaning services expected to grow, rather than stylistic trends of other ventures, a commercial cleaning franchise can provide an opportunity for financial security.Watch James and Brandy Hodge, Oklahoma City franchise owners, talk about the financial freedom of owing a franchise.

JAN-PRO is an exciting franchise opportunity. Why not celebrate this Labor Day by unlocking the door to your success. Learn more about our franchise options today.