Using EnviroShield for Workplace Odor Removal

Posted on September 1, 2017

Unpleasant odors can be a big problem in the workplace. Whether caused by food or bacteria, they can make your workplace less enjoyable for employees and off-putting to clients or customers. If your workplace suffers from persistent odor issues, it’s more than likely that you’ve looked into professional odor removal services.
At JAN-PRO®, we perform odor removal using our exclusive EnviroShield® system. This one-of-a-kind system is able to eliminate a wide range of common, persistent workplace odors — all while being perfectly safe for your workforce. Even better, EnviroShield® also disinfects treated surfaces, meaning your employees won’t just breathe easier — they’ll work healthier.

Food & Bacteria Odor Removal

One of the great things about EnviroShield® is how easily it can be used throughout the workplace. Thanks to a proprietary application system, EnviroShield® releases a wide-coverage mist that gets into cracks, crevices, and areas that are otherwise hard-to-reach. This mist wraps around surfaces, locks those surfaces in a protective, germ-fighting shield, then neutralizes any bacteria on the treated surface.

Most common workplace odors are either caused directly by bacteria or linger because the odors cling to bacteria found in other areas. EnviroShield® is one of the most effective systems for neutralizing bacteria available, knocking out 99.99% of bacteria on contact. This allows us to effectively eliminate odors caused by food, mildew, carpet build-up, or even lingering odors from smoke.

Safe for Employees & Environment

Odor removal with the EnviroShield® system might be tough on bad smells, but it’s gentle on people and your local eco-system. The disinfecting solution used in EnviroShield® is perfectly non-toxic for human beings. Even better, it produces zero harsh or irritating fumes, meaning our cleaners can treat your office without affecting air quality in any negative way. EnviroShield® also carries a level IV rating from the EPA, the safest and greenest rating awarded by the agency.

Keeps Your Workplace Healthy

EnviroShield® isn’t just an effective odor removal system — it’s an integral part of keeping workplaces healthy. On top of eliminating workplace bacteria, EnviroShield® also eliminates harmful viruses, delivering medical-grade disinfection to your workplace. Viruses like the common cold, influenza, and MRSA are instantly neutralized by an EnviroShield® treatment. And thanks to its bacteria neutralization properties, EnviroShield® can also effectively treat areas like your office’s break room and restroom.

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