Managing Security Concerns with Janitorial Services

Posted on August 7, 2017

When you’re hiring a janitorial services provider, security concerns are always a significant issue. After all, cleaners have at least as much access to your workplace as the average employee. In many cases, cleaners have even more access than most workers. Cleaners may have keys to areas that employees never use, or will have access to your workplace after-hours, when cleaning is more convenient.

Addressing security concerns should be a priority when you’re searching for a new janitorial services vendor. Before signing a contract, carefully vet janitorial services to make sure they follow secure practices. You should also speak with the person who will handle your account to discuss how security concerns will be managed.

What to Look for in Secure Janitorial Services

If a company provides janitorial services, it’s crucial that they set up strict internal practices to ensure the security of their clients’ workplaces. These practices should mean you’re confident that cleaners are trustworthy, that they will follow secure cleaning practices, and that you will be financially protected against a security issue.
Look for a janitorial services provider who can promise the following qualities, all of which can be found with your local JAN-PRO®:

  • Detailed background checks for all cleaners
  • Training in basic security protocols for all cleaners
  • Visible uniforms and ID badges so that cleaners are identifiable
  • Bonded and insured services in case of damage or theft

To get a sense of how they’ve handled security concerns for past clients, you may wish to ask for references. You can also look up online reviews, which can include red flags about security concerns.

Where Security Fits in Your Janitorial Services

When you get started with a new janitorial services provider, any security concerns should be covered before the first clean. Take the time to think through any security concerns that you think could impact cleaning. Write these down. When you and your cleaner start to draft a cleaning plan for your workplace, refer to these concerns and make sure they’re all included or addressed in the cleaning plan document.
Once cleaning services get started, establish clear and frequent communication with your cleaners. In the early going, this will allow you to clear up any confusion quickly. Later on, it can help you ensure security is maintained. Over time, cleaners can actually improve security at your workplace, checking spaces that you and your employees might miss, or giving your work an observant set of eyes after-hours.

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