Protecting Your Facility Investments

Posted on June 19, 2017

Although on any given day you can see evidence of office buildings imploded, shopping malls abandoned and sometimes the interiors of public buildings badly wore and neglected, JAN-PRO Commercial Cleaners understands how to care for facilities. We take pride in caring for your investments and sustaining them for generations.

The average cost for tenant build outs on class A, B and C office finishes is $44.62 per rentable square foot according to industry sources. Most modern surfaces like wooden floors, vinyl and carpet have limited warranties of 15-20 years. So why do many companies have to replace the expensive investments in flooring before their expected lifespan? Often this results when there isn’t scheduled cleaning based on the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance program. The best way to protect your investment is to hire a professional commercial cleaning company. Most commercial cleaning companies today know the proper methods to maintain various surfaces found in today’s offices.

When you buy a car you follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule to maximize the lifespan of the vehicle. In the same way, when you buy high end carpet, or natural stone floor covering you want to make sure that it is being maintained, not just cleaned. The key to proper maintenance is to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. JAN-PRO Janitorial Services use the latest technologies and proper methods to maintain and restore finishes on doors, floors and furniture.

For example, Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA underwent a 14-month restoration project in July 2010 that included repainting and replacing frames, doors, window calking, updating lighting and refurbishing interior copper urns, interior artifacts and rebuilding the clock tower. Although a typical office remodeling project may be much simpler the value of the fixtures and investments requires careful cleaning to sustain the furniture and interiors of any facility.

Don’t wait until the carpet looks dirty to clean it or the marble looks worn to polish it. With a proper maintenance program your high end surfaces should always look as good as the day they were installed. The cost benefit is simple to figure: Improperly maintained carpet will cost $ 4.36 per square foot to install and will most likely need to be replaced once every 5 years.

According to the statistics published online by, savings based on a properly administered carpet cleaning program equate to a 33% savings over a 12 year period. When you commit to cleaning and caring for flooring and other interior investments, you will discover that they outlive the expected lifetime. With JAN-PRO’s office cleaning professionals, you can rest assured that your facilities will be clean and protected for decades to come.