How to Keep Your Workplace Clean this Winter

Posted on June 19, 2017

How to Keep Your Workplace Clean this Winter

If you live in a colder, snowier area, winter can be filled with workplace cleaning challenges. Between slush and salt being tracked into your facility to the hygiene concerns of cold and flu season, keeping your workplace clean in the winter months is no easy task.

To create a safer, healthier workplace this winter, we recommend working with a professional cleaning service provider. By discussing your biggest areas of concern and taking action with a winter-specific cleaning plan, you’ll be able to avoid the untidy and unsanitary conditions that many workplaces face in the winter months.

Stop Snow, Slush, and Salt in Their Tracks

Most workplaces install entry mats come winter, but if your workplace doesn’t already do this, it’s a good idea to acquire a high-quality, large-area mat that can withstand heavy, slushy traffic during the winter months.

But containing snow, slush, and salt doesn’t stop with your doormat. You’ll want to make sure your employees have somewhere they can put wet, slushy footwear before stepping into other areas of the office. Use a boot tray to ensure that melt-off is contained.

Clean Floors Frequently

Even with a heavy-duty entry mat, your office’s floors will likely be exposed to mud, water, and salt throughout the winter months. This poses two challenges. First, your floors will get dirtier faster, so you’ll want to be sure that they’re cleaned more frequently. Second, if you have smooth flooring — such as linoleum or hardwood — your employees will be at higher risk of slips and falls. Make sure your professional cleaning team is ready to take care of wet floors quickly to keep your workforce safe.

Invest in Proper Disinfection

Every winter, the cold and the flu affect millions of American workers. Many times, workplace outbreaks of these viruses could have been avoided through proper disinfection.

At JAN-PRO, our cleaners are trained to minimize the risk of workplace germ-transfer by disinfecting high-touch areas in the workplace. Surfaces like doorknobs, phone receives, and keyboards are some of the biggest culprits in terms of person-to-person virus transfer in the modern work environment. Our cleaners use EnviroShield®, a specially built disinfection system that can safely disinfect surfaces that other systems struggle with.

To minimize the risk of a cold or flu outbreak in the workplace, talk to your cleaning service provider about how you can implement a comprehensive disinfection plan.

To find out how JAN-PRO can improve winter cleaning in your workplace, call 866-355-1064 today. Your local JAN-PRO cleaning experts will help outline a plan for your workplace and provide you with a no-cost, no-commitment service estimate.