Business Tip: 9 Great Podcasts for Business Owners

Posted on June 19, 2017

If you’re anything like the team at JAN-PRO®, podcasts have changed your commute. There are so many great podcasts for business owners these days, from series that document business success stories, to others that track important market trends, to yet more that help you build yourself into a better business owner. Below, the team at JAN-PRO has put together our top nine podcasts for business owners.

Our Top Podcasts for Business Owners

  1. Eventual Millionaire. Host Jaime Tardy sits down with people who “always knew” they’d be seven-figure success stories and uncovers the path they took to their first million dollars.
  2. This Is Your Life. Life coach Michael Hyatt’s series on how to make the most of yourself and your career is essential listening, no matter your industry.
  3. Mixergy. This interview series with host Andrew Warner dives deep into the backgrounds, philosophies, and business tips of successful entrepreneurs. An invaluable resource for building your own business.
  4. Help My Business! This weekly series serves up marketing tips with a side of dry humor from host Andrew Lock, who combines practical advice with informal case studies of big business successes.
  5. HBR Ideacast. This speakers’ series brings many of the greatest minds in business directly to your headphones or speakers, offering actionable tips and innovative perspectives.
  6. No other podcast does such a great job of tracking the modern marketplace, giving you instant updates and insights into the most important stories of the day.
  7. Conversations from the Corner Office. This popular series, also from Marketplace, gives you a behind-the-scenes look at how some of the world’s biggest business leaders are shaping the modern economy.
  8. StartUp. Every season, Alex Blumberg and his team track the trials and tribulations of a new business striving (and sometimes struggling) to make it big.
  9. Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders. This series from the Stanford eCorner contains speeches from huge range of innovators, teachers, and multi-million dollar successes.
  10. BONUS PICK: How I Built This. We’re paying close attention to this brand new NPR series. Every episode unpacks how one entrepreneur built their business empire. The first episode tells the story of how Sara Blakely turned Spanx into a $270 million business.

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