Office Cleaning Tips

Posted on June 19, 2017

Maintaining a clean and orderly office environment not only benefits your employees but it also translates to your company’s bottom line by giving your customers the message that you care about quality. Everyone profits from a healthy and productive office where employees can find what they need to effectively do their jobs and where customers gain trust in a company that makes a good first impression with the overall appearance of its workplace.

Below are some tips to help you keep your office looking and functioning at its best.

Receptionist area. You’re only given one opportunity to make the right first impression, which is why it is vital to keep the receptionist or lobby area of your office clean and orderly with magazines and accessories straightened and dusted. Floors should be vacuumed or mopped, table tops, chairs, and the receptionist’s desk should be wiped down and organized, and the entire area should be sanitized.

Restroom. The office restroom should be checked several times a day to ensure counters are clear of standing soap and water and paper towels are not littering the floor. JAN-PRO janitorial services thoroughly clean sinks and counters, as well as mop, clean toilets, empty the trash, and sanitize all surfaces. They can also ensure supplies such as soap and paper products are restocked as needed.

Break room. The break room can quickly become a mess during the day. Trash should be promptly disposed of and the coffee pot and dishes cleaned or placed in a dishwasher. A cleaning service can mop, empty the trash, and scrub and sanitize all equipment and surfaces.

Desks. As the main hub of the employee’s work day, the desk and surrounding area should be kept in running order. Take a few minutes each day to tidy your desk, and you won’t need to spend several hours doing so every month. Also, make sure office floors are vacuumed and the trash is emptied. On a weekly basis, remove all items from the desk so that it can be dusted, wiped down, and sanitized.

Electronics. Computers, phones, printers and other electronics are used so frequently that they quickly become some of the dirtiest surfaces in the office and unhealthy to those who use them. They should be dusted, wiped down, and sanitized on a weekly basis.

A clean office environment can be beneficial to your company on many levels. Hire a cleaning company comprised of people that take pride in their work, breakthrough cleaning technologies, the most efficient cleaning disinfectants, the highest air quality and the safest equipment.

Remember, JAN-PRO will clean and protect your offices. They have the people, technologies and processes refined over 25 years that have earned them the designation of top commercial cleaner worldwide by Entrepreneur Magazine.