Medical Cleaning Services for Aiken Facilities

Posted on July 19, 2017

Medical Cleaning Services for Aiken Facilities

When it comes to getting medical facilities their very cleanest, method is everything. Specialized systems are required in order to meet codes, prevent cross contamination and achieve the highest standard of cleanliness for healthcare environments. JAN-PRO® of Augusta-Aiken knows that well, which is why we offer our MedMetrix® medical cleaning service program to Aiken businesses in the healthcare field. We pay special attention to every area of medical facilities, from sensitive work spaces to patient waiting areas to administrative offices and everywhere in between.

Why Choose JAN-PRO of Augusta-Aiken for Your Medical Cleaning Services

Weighing the pros and cons when choosing a medical cleaning service provider is no small feat. You need someone who understands the challenges specific to the healthcare industry and who has the tools, skills and know-how to do a superlative job. JAN-PRO of Augusta-Aiken’s medical cleaning services offer all that and more with a focus on disinfection that covers both high-touch surfaces like touch pads, door handles and keyboards as well as hard to reach places to get your facility truly clean. 

  • We’re Disinfection Experts who use our very own high-tech EnviroShield® disinfection system which stops the spread of germs and bacteria by eliminating 99.9% of them on contact.
  • We Deliver a Top-to-Bottom Clean from the floor, including carpets, tiles, hardwood and more, to the ceiling by reducing airborne particles with our 4-filter vacuums.
  • We Know Washrooms and have the right tactics for getting these bacteria-prone areas spick-and-span without risking cross-contamination in other areas of your facility.
  • We’re Medical Industry Savvy and can ensure that your facility is compliant with any industry-standard codes including CDC and AORN.
  • We Work Securely with ID badges that are easy to spot, and professional JAN-PRO of Augusta-Aiken uniforms so that we are easy to identify on sight.

Getting Started with Medical Cleaning Services

When you choose JAN-PRO of Augusta-Aiken for your medical cleaning services, not only are you getting your very own skilled team of local professionals, you are also choosing a company that is bonded, insured and a trusted name in cleaning excellence. We keep client satisfaction at the core of what we do. In fact, we’re so committed to your satisfaction that we guarantee that any issues will be resolved within 24 hours of you notifying us. 

For a hassle-free consultation that comes right to your door, call JAN-PRO of Augusta-Aiken today at (706)-447-8658 and ask about our medical cleaning services.