The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Cleaning Services

Posted on June 29, 2022

Cleanliness and hygiene are crucial for commercial establishments

Customer retention is not just about appearances, although a clean office lobby and spotless hallways can quickly win the trust and loyalty of discerning prospective clients. Cleanliness is a must in establishments where poor hygiene can compromise people’s health and well-being, such as hospitals and medical facilities. While maintaining large commercial spaces isn’t easy, thankfully, you can call on experts to implement a regular cleaning schedule for your establishment.

Establishments Covered By Commercial and Office Cleaning Services

Companies that offer office cleaning services specialize in corporate buildings and offices. But some, such as JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting, also service other commercial establishments such as:

The needs of these facilities will vary, but all of them require frequent and regular professional cleaning because of the many people that use their premises every day.

Other businesses are subject to stricter hygiene standards and seek the best industrial cleaning and disinfecting companies:

These places need to deal with the inevitable pollution in areas with high foot traffic. Airborne viruses and bacteria that can harm people’s health and well-being are additional problems. Failure to meet cleanliness and hygiene standards can have a negative impact on these establishments.

Hiring a professional cleaning company will help you stay compliant. At the very least, your establishment will look and smell clean, which is an advantage for attracting customers. In 2019, a survey of 1,000 restaurant diners revealed that nearly 75 percent of customers consider sticky, dirty tables a deal-breaker – a good enough reason not to return to a restaurant. So if you run a business where cleanliness is crucial, you’d be wise to allocate resources for expert office cleaning services.

Common Inclusions of Commercial Office Cleaning Services

What are the services you can expect from a commercial cleaning company? What are their typical routines, and what cleaning services do they offer for an extra fee? Below are some examples.

Basic Cleaning Services

Basic janitorial services typically include simple cleaning methods that aren’t too different from household cleaning.

  1. Dusting
  2. Mopping
  3. Vacuuming
  4. Surface and glass cleaning and disinfection
  5. Trash collection and removal

These are light cleaning tasks and usually don’t require bulky equipment. As such, daytime custodians can cordon-off one small section at a time to mop or vacuum floors during the day. But for establishments with continuous foot traffic everyday, the staff might do general cleaning after-hours to avoid inconveniencing customers. During off-peak hours, custodians can clean floors and surfaces thoroughly without interruption.

Value-added Services

Some companies may offer the following as part of their basic services. However, they require specialized knowledge, tools, and equipment that will cost more to acquire. These necessary services will cost more to maintain, but will be worth it in the long run to avoid costly damages in the future:

  1. Carpet cleaning
  2. Upholstery and furniture cleaning
  3. Sanitization and disinfection
  4. Hardwood floor care
  5. High-rise window glass cleaning
  6. Construction cleanup and debris removal
  7. Tree cutting and removal

Cleaning companies often specialize in one or a couple of these services because they each require extensive training and more capital for equipment.

For example, a construction cleanup business will have the vehicles and equipment necessary to haul cement blocks, large tree trunks, broken plywood, and other large debris out of your property. They might consent to do the cleanup if you need to trim trees on your property or do some landscaping.

Professional carpet cleaners are another example. They will have pressure washers, HEPA filtration wet/dry vacuum cleaners, and washing facilities with plenty of room for cleaning large carpets. They might also have drying equipment and other tools necessary for cleaning upholstery.

The cleaning company you choose will depend heavily on their specialization and your business’ needs. Of course, there are other factors to consider, which we’ll discuss below.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

When running a business, you’ll want to keep track of where your money goes and whether it can generate returns. It’s advisable to adopt the same attitude when choosing a company for commercial office cleaning services.

It’s easy to place a “professional” or “eco-friendly” tagline on a business card, but not every cleaning team can live up to these expectations. To avoid inadvertently hiring inexperienced or ill-equipped cleaning companies, ask for a detailed quote and ask the following questions as well to ascertain their experience and expertise:

  1. Do they have experience in cleaning establishments similar to yours? Ask who their previous clients are or what establishments they’ve cleaned before, and for how long. If they are in the same city, there’s a chance you might have been to those establishments while the cleaning company was still in contract with them. You might recall how well they did in that establishment (or how poorly). You can also contact the previous clients and ask for feedback.
  2. What are the inclusions of their commercial cleaning service? What can they do for your establishment, specifically? It’s worth asking the second question because your business might have unique needs the cleaners would have to address like if your location is prone to accumulating dirt and soot or your building has a dome skylight. You need to know if they can deliver before signing a contract.
  3. How much do they charge? The cost will play an important role in your long-term budget and planning. Bear in mind, too, that the cheapest option is not always the best when considering commercial cleaning services.
  4. Do they offer sanitization and disinfection services? Now more than ever, reducing the risk of virus and bacterial exposure in your establishment is crucial. This promotes the safety and health of your customers and your employees.

Other factors you’ll want to consider before deciding which company to go with:

  1. What are the payment terms and settlement process? You might prefer companies that offer net 30 or net 60 terms, which means your due date for settling your bill is 30 or 60 days after the invoice date.
  2. How many people will they deploy to your establishment? This is another consideration when deliberating the cost of a company’s services.
  3. How many hours per day or week will their cleaning crew spend on your premises? Is what they’re offering sufficient for the size and scope of your cleaning needs?
  4. What are the limitations to their services? Many companies, for example, do not handle bio-waste or any hazardous materials because they don’t have proper training or equipment. If your facility deals with these kinds of substances, you must obtain guarantees that your chosen cleaning company is capable and qualified to remove and dispose of such materials.
  5. Can they offer you a discount or perks? It never hurts to ask if you can save dollars on routine carpet cleaning, for example, or some free sessions of hospital-grade disinfection.
  6. Do they offer a satisfaction guarantee? It’s usually a sign of confidence in the quality of their services when a company offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. It’s also a comfort to know that, should their services fall short of expectations, you can waive the fee or get the cleaning crew to do a better job.
  7. Asking these questions can help you ensure that the company you hire is one of the best industrial cleaning and disinfecting companies.

Get Superior Commercial Office Cleaning Services

 from JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting

In-house custodial staff can keep your offices or business premises mess-free and presentable. But even with daily routine cleaning, your establishment will eventually require deep cleaning and disinfection that regular sweeping, mopping and wiping cannot accomplish.

Ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of your establishment by partnering with JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting. Our best-in-class janitorial services come with a 50-point checklist ensuring a comprehensive and complete clean of your business premises.

Our cleaning franchisees also offer two disinfection services that comply with the Joint Commission, OSHA, CDC, and AORN standards. The first is the EnviroShield® disinfection system, which eliminates 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses. The second is the MedMetrix® system, which is recommended for dentistry clinics, hospitals, and other medical facilities.

JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting also offers franchising opportunities to entrepreneurs interested in opening a successful cleaning business in their community. Training, certification, and business support are provided to franchisees. Even if you have no prior experience in this industry or running a business, commercial cleaning is a venture where you can succeed.

If you seek commercial cleaning services that comply with OSHA safety regulations, JAN-PROCleaning & Disinfecting is the company to call. Cleaning franchisees use EPA-tested equipment and cleaning products and green cleaning agents to maintain a toxin-free environment on your premises. Let our cleaning franchisees know your cleaning needs, and they’ll customize their services to fulfill them.

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