JAN-PRO Cleans and Protects with Safe Chemicals

Posted on June 19, 2017

A recent study by the Environmental Protection Agency found that most all-purpose cleaners contain hazardous ingredients and chemicals that cause eye, skin and respiratory irritation. Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs are found in most cleaners. After evaporating, these chemicals enter the air. This negatively affects indoor air quality. According to the EPA, VOCs can even lead to smog formation in indoor air!

JAN-PRO uses green, low VOC products to clean facilities and protect the indoor air quality. Benefits include biodegradability, low toxicity, low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and reduced packaging. When environmentally safe cleaning products are used, we minimize harmful impacts to those who are cleaning the buildings as well as those who work there.

Buying chemicals in concentrates with appropriate handling safeguards that incorporate reusable, reduced, or recyclable packaging, reduces waste and transportation energy. Green cleaning chemicals and supplies can help cut costs by ensuring a healthy work environment for employees and visitors. This translates to less sick time and increased productivity by employees.

The next time you see a cleaning service in your building cleaning, check to see if they are using less hazardous green cleaning chemicals. The commercial cleaning company that you use is charged with handling your indoor work environment. It is important for everyone‰’s health and well-being that the company you are using takes safety into account in its purchase of cleaning products.

JAN-PRO uses safe and effective cleaning products for all office cleaning services. We take into account performance, price, availability, environmental impact and the effect on indoor air quality. At JAN-PRO our mission is to clean healthier and to improve indoor air quality for a clean and safe workplace.