JAN-PRO Canada Celebrated Its 20th Anniversary

Posted on March 9, 2015

JAN-PRO proudly celebrated its 20th year in Canada. JAN-PRO International was founded in 1991 in the U.S. by Jacques Lapointe and established in Quebec City, Canada, in 1995 by JAN-PRO Canada’s founder, Jean Roberge. This year JAN-PRO Canada was listed as the No. 4 top franchise in the nation, behind only top food and beverage brands. With 12 regional offices across Canada, the JAN-PRO franchise continues to grow.

JAN-PRO International executives attended a gala event Monday to celebrate 20 years of growth and success in the franchise market in Canada. The event took place in Quebec City and included franchisees, Canadian Regional Master Franchise owners, employees, clients and business partners.

“Here we are today celebrating that wonderful journey we started 20 years ago in Quebec City,” said Lapointe.

Within the province of Quebec, JAN-PRO has been able to grow rapidly over the past 20 years. Roberge and his partners, Sylvain Primeau and Francois Carmichael, had the manpower to grow the Quebec region to become known as JAN-PRO Eastern Canada. This umbrella includes offices in Quebec City, Montreal, Sherbrooke and Halifax, along with Ottawa and Gatineau locations managed by Marc Simard. These people believed in the power of the business model and invested in what they saw to be a successful business.

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