Commercial Cleaning Tips for Moving Your Business

Posted on October 8, 2017

Moving your business from one workplace to another is a stressful and time-consuming job. Whether you’re upgrading to a bigger workspace, switching to a more budget-friendly lease, or relocating to more easily serve your clients, a business move is rarely easy.

So, it’s little surprise that in the midst of a move, cleaning can end up a secondary consideration. But a well-planned move will include taking the time to clean your old workplace and get your new one in pristine shape before moving in.

At JAN-PRO®, we know what quality cleaning looks like when moving your business from one location to another. Our commercial cleaning teams offer a professional and reliable option for move-in and move-out cleaning services. Below, we’ve collected our top tips for successful move-in and move-out commercial cleanings.

Commercial Cleaning Tips for Move-Outs

It’s no secret that move-outs can be messy. When you uproot your business, it’s easy to leave behind dust, dirt, and debris — including dirty areas you didn’t even realize were there before moving furniture. A detailed commercial cleaning of the property will help take care of these areas and ensure that the property owner and/or next tenant aren’t left with an unusable space.

You and your commercial cleaning provider will have a head start when it comes to move-out cleaning. You’ll already be familiar with the space that needs to be cleaned, and you’ll have access to it prior to moving, allowing you to plan smarter and get started early.

When planning an upcoming move, you should meet with your commercial cleaning provider well in advance of the move — a full month, if possible, and preferably at least two weeks – to discuss a full move-out clean. You and your commercial cleaning provider should perform a full inspection of your workplace, develop a plan for your move-out cleaning services. If possible, schedule deep cleaning in stages over several days to make the job more manageable. After the cleaning, ensure a full inspection is performed to ensure spotless results.

Commercial Cleaning Tips for Move-Ins

Move-in cleaning services can be more difficult because of the planning obstacles involved. Typically, you won’t have unfettered access to your new space, so planning requires extra effort and coordination. If possible, have your commercial cleaning provider visit the property with you in advance so that you can properly plan the cleaning. Giving your commercial cleaning provider a first-hand look at the property can also help you identify specific cleaning challenges that you may face when moving in.

A quick move-in is always better than a long, drawn out one. You will want to get your business up and running as soon as possible. Coordinate your cleaning and move-in so that needed areas are cleaned and ready for use first, with lower-priority areas cleaned after. Whenever possible, your new workplace’s first cleaning should be performed before furniture is moved into the space. This will give your cleaners better access to all areas that require cleaning. A second cleaning after move-in will help to eliminate the dust and debris that will naturally occur during the move-in process.

To learn more about move-in and move-out commercial cleaning services offered by JAN-PRO, contact your local office. Call 866-355-1064 today to learn more and get a free commercial cleaning estimate.