Combatting Coronavirus: The Science of Commercial Cleaning

Posted on September 9, 2020

Coronaviruses are enveloped viruses. They’re pathogenic to humans, meaning they make you sick.

The bad news: Coronavirus statistics are staggering – and they’re climbing rapidly. Without a vaccine for this deadly disease, what can you do to protect yourself, your business, and your constituents from it?

Some good news: The lipid membrane of enveloped viruses is relatively sensitive and can be destroyed by alcohols such as ethanol and 2-propanol.

Shield Your Environment: Jan-Pro Cleaning & Disinfecting’s EnviroShield® Disinfecting System

Ethanol and 2-propanol’s effectiveness is comparable to the powerful oxidizing agent used in the EnviroShield system. Our commercial disinfectant offers medical-grade disinfection, which quickly eliminates over 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. This includes dangerous bacteria like salmonella and E. coli, common viruses like the cold and flu, and disinfectant-resistant pathogens like MRSA.

Our equipment features nozzles designed for specific applications, especially high-risk areas like door handles, light switches, elevator buttons, handles, and similar high-touch locations. Electrostatic technology applies a negative charge, causing the disinfectant to cling to every exposed surface in your building – whether that’s an auto dealership, bank, daycare, gym, hospital, medical center, office, restaurant, religious facility, school, or other commercial property.

And even though it’s tough on germs, the disinfectant used in Jan-Pro Cleaning & Disinfecting’s EnviroShield® system is gentle on people and the environment. Our disinfectant carries the EPA’s highest grade for safety and non-toxicity. It generates no harmful residues, no toxic byproducts, and no harsh or irritating fumes.

Trust the Experts: The Power of Medical-Grade Disinfection from Jan-Pro Cleaning & Disinfecting

Jan-Pro Cleaning & Disinfecting has been trusted as an industry leader in the commercial cleaning franchise system for over 25 years. Our disinfecting processes follow a proven program that uses the broadest spectrum, hospital-strength disinfectants with maximum killing power. To this day, our proprietary EnviroShield® spray remains the only machine system of its kind that can properly disinfect an entire building – without any adverse effects to the environment, your staff, or your visitors. So don’t let Coronavirus take any tolls on your livelihood – put Jan-Pro Cleaning & Disinfecting’s processes to work for you so you can keep your people safe and your business running smoothly. Call us today to learn more and request a FREE estimate!