Industry Focus: Financial Institute & Bank Cleaning

Posted on February 11, 2016


Industry Focus: Financial Institute & Bank Cleaning

When you work in the financial industry, you know how important a clean and respected image is to your business. All it takes is a single floor stain or an unclean bathroom for clients to lose trust in your institution. But even more important is the security of your facility. So when choosing between bank cleaning vendors, its essential that you place a premium on both of these areas.

At JAN-PRO, we know that cleaning a bank (or any other type of financial institution) requires different skills and different protocols than when cleaning other kinds of offices or workplaces. Below, we‰’ve outlined the unique concerns that come with bank cleaning and how your local JAN-PRO can address them.

Unique Concerns to Bank Cleaning

It can be tempting to think of a bank as similar to any other office. But of course, this misses several key distinctions that set banks apart from other office spaces. Many of these factors have a direct impact on bank cleaning, such as:

  • Foot Traffic. Unlike an everyday office, your institution sees high levels of foot traffic on a day-to-day basis, giving your floors retail-level exposure.
  • Client Scrutiny. Your clients are looking for someone they can trust with their life savings. That means higher stakes when it comes to the trustworthy image your business projects.
  • Mixed Flooring. Many banks serviced by JAN-PRO cleaners have a wide range of flooring types, including extra-attention materials like carpet and marble.
  • Few ‰if any ‰other businesses in your area will have greater security concerns than those faced by your institution. That means you need a team you can trust in every way.

JAN-PRO‰’s Bank Cleaning Services

So how do JAN-PRO cleaners respond to these unique concerns? Simply put, we hold our bank cleaning services to our highest standards of quality and trust.

  • Advanced Products. Our cleaners use commercial-grade cleaning products that can stand up against any level of foot traffic.
  • Advanced Standards. We use our JAN-PRO Signature Clean standards program and our JAN-PRO Tracker quality control system to guarantee exceptional results.
  • Specialized Cleaning. Our bank cleaning services include a range of cleaning options, including specialty cleaning for a number of different flooring types.
  • Secure Protocols. JAN-PRO cleaners undergo rigorous training in bank cleaning protocols. We keep in touch with your management whenever we‰’re on site, always wear full uniforms to ensure we‰’re easy to identify, and follow any rules or procedures needed for your security.

Ready to get more value out of your bank‰’s cleaning services? Call JAN-PRO today at 866-355-1064 to get a bank cleaning estimate for your financial institution.