The 8 Most Common Reasons for Poor Office Air Quality

Posted on December 13, 2017

Indoor air quality is one of the most pressing — but least discussed — health issues facing modern workers. More than four million people die every year due to poor indoor air quality, and the average person has their lifespan shortened substantially by air pollution at home and at work.

Here at JAN-PRO®, workplace air quality is something we take seriously. We take conscious steps to maintain and improve air quality in the spaces we clean. These steps include using green cleaning products and techniques, and vacuuming with HEPA-filter air purification vacuums.

Cleaning with office air quality in mind can help cut down on common airborne irritants and pollutants, including the eight listed below. Almost every workplace is affected by at least two or three of these common causes for office air pollution, and you may be surprised by how many are affecting your office.

Common Office Air Pollutants

  1. Airborne Dust. Dust is everywhere, but it’s found in far higher concentrations in some offices than others. Poor air filtration, low-quality vacuums, and ineffective cleaning strategies can all contribute to dust issues.
  2. Mold Spores. Mold spores from untreated mold in your walls, carpeting, furniture, or elsewhere in your workplace can be a serious respiratory concern, depending on the type of fungus.
  3. Secondhand Smoke. Few people can still get away with smoking at work, but a poorly placed smoking area or fumes carried in via workers’ clothing can still create secondhand smoke concerns.
  4. Cleaning Chemicals. Clean surfaces in your workplace may come at the expense of clean air if your cleaners are using the wrong chemicals and the wrong techniques. Bleach, ammonia, benzene, and phthalates are common cleaning chemicals that create air quality concerns.
  5. Furniture Emissions. Modern furniture is treated with a number of chemicals for manufacturing, wear-proofing, and fire-proofing purposes, all of which lead to emissions once furniture is in your workplace.
  6. Office Electronics. Some of the most common pieces of office equipment generate dangerous emissions. For instance, many photocopiers generate ozone and airborne particulate matter, both of which have negative short-term and long-term impacts on worker health.
  7. Ventilation Blockages. Ventilation blockages are major concern, feeding and recirculating toxic gases and pollutants into your workplace.
  8. Outdoor Emissions. Air needs to come from somewhere. Without the right filters in place, it’s easy to bring pollution from outdoors into your office. That’s especially true if you work in an area where air pollution is well documented, like an industrial zone or next to a major roadway.

Worried about air quality in your workplace? Green cleaning services from JAN-PRO could be the solution. Our green cleaning certification program ensures zero harsh or toxic chemicals are used in your workplace, helping you maintain a healthier, more breathable work environment.

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