Fitness Center Cleaning JAN-PRO

Okay admit it, fitness centers can be a hotbed of germs and viruses that can make you scrunch up your face in disgust. JAN-PRO® meets your fitness center cleaning challenges with high-quality standards, specialized cleaning processes, and unbeatable customer service, so your gym members can get on with their workouts without ever thinking “Eww”!

Fitness Center Cleaning Down to a Science

At JAN-PRO, we have fitness center cleaning down to a science. Not only is your fitness center a place your clients workout, but it’s a workplace environment for your employees! That means you’ll want to keep your employees happy as well as your members. With several options to choose from, your fitness center will get the cleaning it needs the first time and every time so the only thing you need to worry about is someone dropping the weights.

The JAN-PRO Signature Clean® system sets the bar for each of our owners and outlines how they design a custom fitness center cleaning plan just for you. JAN-PRO Signature Clean® assures you get the best fitness center cleaning service in the industry.

We keep your floors, changing rooms, and other surfaces pristine so your members will want to keep coming back. Our cleaning professionals attend an intensive 5-week training program and during which they learn to identify areas at risk for bacteria, which allows them to effectively clean and disinfect germ-prone areas.

Our JAN-PRO Technics® system includes the use of HEPA filtered vacuums, our proprietary EnviroShield® disinfecting system, and using color-coded mops and cloths to reduce the risk of cross-contamination when cleaning your fitness center. It’s our use of tested and trusted technologies that ensure we can keep your facility clean and germ-free.

Guaranteed Results with Our Fitness Center Cleaning Services

From our intensive training and certification to our disinfecting cleaning services and eco-friendly products, we guarantee our results. The results are measured using our patented JAN-PRO Tracker® system to ensure each quality cleaning is consistent and you are satisfied with your fitness center cleaning services after each of our visits.

When it comes to professional fitness center cleaning services, let JAN-PRO spot you and lift the weight of worry from your shoulders. Call 866-355-1064 today for a FREE service consultation.

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